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Software Joomla is content management software. With the help of Joomla you can build web sites online applications. Joomlas popularity rose due to its un.plicated and easy way of usage and also due to its features that can be modified and changed. Joomla is easy to obtain and downloaded for free. There are five types of Joomla extensions: Joomla module, Joomla .ponent, Joomla Plugins, Joomla Templates and Joomla Languages. What is a Joomla .ponent? A Joomla .ponent is a distinct application. The Joomla .ponent consists of its own set of functions. Its database is unique and so is its presentation. Therefore when you install a Joomla .ponent on your web site, you are actually adding an application. Examples of this can be a forum, a newsletter or a photo gallery. They will all act as different applications as individual systems. Only a single .ponent will be shown on the main page of your web site. The menu will be a kind of switch between different .ponents. A Joomla module is .pletely different from the Joomla .ponent. Modules are extensions that provide some information on your web site. Basically a Joomla module is a way of portraying information that is already present on the web site. This feature adds an additional function to an already existing application or the Joomla .ponent. A Joomla module is not an objective application, it will put forward certain information or it will append a function to an already existing application. Therefore in concise a Joomla module is a unique section that is arranged within each part of your web site. The Joomla module consists of wide variety of features like menus, advertisements, information, recent blog .ments and many more. Each module can be placed at various locations of the web page. There are numerous advantages of CMS. It is friendly software for managing your web sites. It can also be used to manage your documents and share them with your colleagues. Any information that is regulated by the CMS can be altered, added to or edited by the .panys people. With Joomla CMS it is a lot easier to undertake the search engine optimization task. There is a link building Joomla .ponent that has auto link check feature, simple and popular URL .ponents and many other features. There are many types of Joomla .ponents. Some are used to manage a review site or manage the review portion of your web site. This Joomla .ponent allows users to .ment and rate. It also allows ratings on a number of variables. It permits users to submit articles and create custom field sets. Another Joomla .ponent allows creation and management of slideshow photo gallery album. There are Joomla .ponents that can be used for e-.merce web sites. The key features of these .ponents are that they manage unlimited number of products and categories, orders and customers. They are simple to configure and they are incorporated with various shipping .ponents. The Joomla .ponent provides the option to add shipping carriers and shipping rates. A .plete support for various payment gateways is also provided. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: