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The popularity of the new angle of "Fantasy Westward Journey" unique version of Dragon Prince handsome incoming [Abstract] Fantasy Westward Journey unparalleled version of the new protagonist Long Taizi finally struck a handsome! He has Q adorable cute appearance, is a veteran in battle of celestial war, he cherished a kindness, but a dragon born august. Remember before you notice, by SNH48 for the "unique version of the big event? Now, "dream swims on the west" (micro-blog) version of the new warriors Dragon Prince finally struck a handsome actor! He has Q adorable cute appearance, is a veteran in battle of celestial war, he cherished a kindness, but a dragon born august. Now, he will fully join West adventure, together with all people, hand in hand and make three! Q adorable Dragon Prince struck, inviting you to three adventure now, following the bone spirit, "dream swims on the west" matchless and ushered in a new version of the protagonist of the game, that is in the early stage is very much notice we are looking forward to the Dragon prince! Don’t look at the game, Dragon Prince Q looks adorable cute, as the Dragon Prince of his actual body, the body bears a strong strength, is heaven relied on war. He has an excellent defensive ability and control ability and spells out certain skills, is a versatile route of diversification will. Soon, each player will be able to experience the power of his thunder on different occasions! The immortal gas filled, Dragon Prince martial analytic game player should know that "every hero dream swims on the west" unique version of the corresponding related sects are. The Dragon Prince will also serve as the representative of West Temple, join the adventure. As the three most noble disciple Temple Martial, although otherworldly, but to save the common people as demons. It was thousands of eyes and ears and other skills. Every disciple temple to lightning as their own strength, and the dragon company, use thunder cut, thunderstruck, and skills such as an irresistible force may cause great harm to the opponent. In the event of danger to their teammates, but also the use of God Hao Ran body and righteousness skills, get the shield to protect themselves and the safety of his teammates. The clouds or the use of skills deus ex, looking for new favorable geographical position, incursion! It is worth mentioning that the temple of the diamond bracelet skills can make the front target into a state of vertigo, and quickly close the target. Whether the purpose is to break the opponent game player spells or attack, can rely on to achieve diamond bracelet. Perhaps the game player has seen: temple is an attack, defense and control are universal martial own originality, but it also means to play its due role in combat, need to have comprehensive judgment on the game player to calm the situation on the field! The arrival of the Dragon Prince, adds a different kind of bright colors for the unique version of "dream swims on the West". He is quite comprehensive ability, the team fighting with other buddy, can play different roles. If you have confidence in their own operations, then it may wish to experience a new prince of the dragon, the protagonist of the new, with the power of thunder and dragons, to protect his teammates, cut the demon demon! "Dream swims on the west" unique edition of "Fantasy Westward Journey" is a unique version of the game by the NetEase Fantasy Westward Journey gold medal team development, continuation:相关的主题文章: