The new variety of online shopping appliances cheap promotional to the quality of consumption


    Chinese along with the advance of the urbanization process, the national income and consumption level has greatly improved, and the rise of the young consumer groups, China appliance market products demand presents the development trend to high-end, fashion and intelligent. In the online shopping has become a major trend in the mainstream home appliance consumption patterns, home appliances online shopping has gradually get rid of the crazy discount cheap impulse mode, turned to the quality of life to promote high-end, smart products selling.

in January 14th, 2016, 2017 Chinese high-end home appliances and consumer electronics trends released and red top award ceremony held in beijing. The general manager of Jingdong appliance black division Sun Zhitao attended the ceremony said, with the awareness of quality of life of consumer awareness, and the promotion of the electricity supplier channels sinking logistics related services to enhance the quality of online shopping appliances gradually become the preferred quality of life, high-end, intelligent product sales accounted for higher than continued.

The general manager of Jingdong

appliance black division Sun Zhitao attended the red top awards

promotional sensitivity reduction trend of high-end

with the consumption concept gradually from "consumption based" up to "quality consumer" stage, more and more families and individuals are willing to pay for high-end products.

China high-end home appliances and consumer electronics annual awards, the Organizing Committee issued the "red top award of high-end home appliances consumer survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the "survey") showed that 79.3% of consumers nearly half had plans to buy high-end appliances, and these people buy for reasons including improving the quality of life and home appliance replacement demand, which 69.9% of the population is for the pursuit of quality of life.

in addition, "investigation" shows that 44.8% of consumers tend to choose 15001-25000 yuan high-end TV; 36.9% of the surveyed population willing to buy high-end refrigerators 12001-16000 yuan; high-end drum washing machine for 39.4% of the population is willing to 8001-10000 yuan; and the 43% group of people willing to buy high-end air conditioner 12001-16000 yuan more; 42.6% of the respondents are willing to spend 6001-8000 yuan to buy high-end kitchen dishwasher; 55.1% of the respondents are willing to spend 4001-6000 yuan to purchase a high-end oven.

high income directly determines the level of consumer purchasing power. Jingdong appliance data show that tend to buy high-end appliances "nouveau riche" and "white-collar" and "small white-collar" has accounted for 60% of the online shopping consumer groups, and more than 50% of the online shopping consumer groups to buy and not cheap promotional basis. There are indications that the high proportion of online shopping home appliance users accounted for high-income groups, the high-end trend of online shopping products has become increasingly evident. < /;