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The National Day holiday staged "wedding banquet" by Festival get together "- Beijing, China News Agency, Lanzhou (reporter Feng Zhijun) in October 7, the" golden nine silver ten "has always been Chinese wedding season, the National Day golden week in recent years has become a" golden week marriage ", a short series of heel to face the wedding invitation, the mainland people to face the pain and happiness of the holiday. "The vacation cancelled work alarm, but still in the morning was awakened by the sound of firecrackers in the yard as one falls, another rises……" National Day holiday this year, choose the home life of Lanzhou 80 Sun Jian did not enjoy the pleasant life to look forward to. He said, not only can not sleep through the night, but also to catch a few weddings, "this is a marriage to the satisfaction of all good, but stick together a little" digest "". Sun Jian said, the National Day Wedding unless his friends is a common problem, not only is the time allocated to the tangle, a lot of friends scattered in the wedding held in the field on both sides of the Changjiang River, some need to withstand difficulties fatigued by a long journey. In addition, in recent years, with the rising of the wedding gifts, to go to work soon young people, can be described as "shy". China News Agency reporter combing recent media reports found that during the National Day holiday this year, staged over the Chinese wedding craze. Such as: Tianjin has 28 thousand pairs of new marriage, Wuhan long holiday hotel wedding is expected to be the ten largest hotel table"…… In Lanzhou City, every morning dress up beautiful wedding car fleet street, the shuttle, the afternoon outside the hotel and finish as the size of the cinema is generally lively and noisy. Lanzhou, a part-time business wedding service for Ji Xiaojing this empathy, she told News Agency reporters, 7 days are arranged full to the brim, not only is Chinese as "good day" "number" is not busy living, even odd days also not idle down. In recent days, such as "national day = wedding day? Eleven what are you going to do with the wedding?" "The National Day holiday, your circle of friends is to refresh the wedding?" The National Day Wedding together has become a hot topic of conversation on the Internet, many people lead to the mainland "resonance interaction". The National Day is not in the wedding, is on the road to drink wedding "and" a national day four wedding, this month to eat the soil"…… There are friends drying out their holiday long journey and red spending. More netizens said, during the long holiday due to a number of raging incoming red bomb and bleeding, was forced to give up the plan to travel abroad. Some experts have suggested that the expression of the best wishes to "go beyond", with the development of society, now more and more with the elements to return to the original meaning of the expression of blessing. If one day you can go beyond the value of the scale, simply use flowers or gifts to express the blessing, but also to return to the original intention of the wedding. (end)相关的主题文章: