The nameless perfect ending elegant goddess of the original rain acting won praise (video)

"The nameless" perfect ending "elegant goddess" of the original rain acting won the praise of Tencent entertainment news recently, the Spy Drama "unknown" in Beijing TV channel perfect ending. Although the TV play was over, but the audience is still enough, especially the "elegant goddess" of the original rain Ganaiganhen, gentle atmosphere on the screen image is even more impressive in the hearts of the audience. TV drama "the nameless" was the Beijing people’s art class 85 Ding Zhicheng, Feng Yuanzheng, Wu Gang, Gao Dongping, Wang Gang, known as the "Beijing five tigers", and You Yong, rain and other outstanding young actor, the creation of luxury lineup, real down to earth style images, and the years in the reduction of the legendary hero, as many television touted object, is praised as one of the highest levels of Chinese spy drama. "Elegant goddess" in the original "nameless" rain plays the heroine of "Han Caiyi", together with the actor "money style" due to all sorts of accidental mishaps come, because of work for each master and infighting, but the choice in the face of puppet when hand in hand…… A series of thrilling tasks, a deeply ingrained memorable journey, a passionate heart moment, "nameless" will be doomed in the Chinese TV history has left a thick. "The nameless" behind the scenes "art of Wuhu" Ding Zhicheng transformation at相关的主题文章: