The mysterious man wrapped a towel to make highway suspected due to feelings of frustration (video) bloxorz

The mysterious man wrapped a towel to make highway suspected due to feelings of frustration (the man out of the car into a commodity) wrapped in towels of young men driving into the highway, was forced to stop a car to transport goods trucks on the highway, then running back and forth, noisy, highway phenomenon under fire. After receiving the alarm, Hubei Police Corps Changyang brigade and police station road, rapid disposal, eliminate the danger. In November 7th 8 pm, Changyang Police Brigade duty room received from Chongqing driver Hwang alarm, saying that driving a heavy semi-trailer truck transport of goods vehicles driving to Shanghai and Chongqing highway Hejiaping, was a blue car suddenly to the front pursuit direction, on the brakes, the semi-trailer truck forced forced stop. After a man got off the yellow, said: " behind the Mercedes Benz car gave me, I married. " then climb up the semi-trailer, into a TOYOTA car, how to persuade not to come out. After the alarm high Changyang Police Brigade police rushed to the scene, Yu Zhi Zhao Huan. Dressed in a long sleeved shirt and found a towel barefoot man sitting in the trailer carrying car. Yu Zhi found the man eccentric, trance. After the patient persuasion, so that the man down the trailer. Yu Chi and Zhao Huan immediately control the man, and took the police car, the road to restore smooth. After investigation, the man Liu Zhijiang City, town people greet. Police quickly through the local police station and the village committee to contact their families. Liu told his father to the police, Liu due to feelings of frustration, a few days ago onset. 6 am the same day, Liu escaped from home, and drove a friend on the highway vehicle, but fortunately did not cause serious consequences. In the afternoon, Liu was safely back home. (reporter Wan Qin correspondent Zheng Yuyang) man made the highway two hours to pay attention to the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as gifts sent every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: