The ministry requires thorough investigation of 400, and the voice line incubus

The ministry requires thorough investigation of "400", and the voice line Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Qixiang stone Feiyue) November 8th news, the Ministry in the "implementation of the views of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further communication to prevent and combat fraud information" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") in the request, to rectify and standardize the focus of telecom business, before the end of November 2016, the basic telecommunications companies to complete the investigation and voice line "400" clearance. "Opinions" requirements, a comprehensive inventory of user self cleaning. Before the end of November 2016, the basic telecommunications companies to complete the voice line and "400", "one", "business operator" stock key telecom business investigation and clean-up. Not to subject information registration, false registration, registration information is not complete, not registered use or actual use and registration purposes, does not meet the qualifications inconsistent or the presence of other does not comply with the business operations and use standard, use the exception, the user should supervise the rectification, serious problems, refused to rectification or not in accordance with the requirements of the rectification according to the law, shall be banned. "Opinions" also proposed strict new user network audit and management. First, the strict application of the main qualifications. Voice line and "400", "one", "business operator" and other key telecom business units must bid for the main users, prohibited the development of individual users. Two is strictly for channels. The user must apply for the above-mentioned basic telecommunications services in the basic telecom enterprises own entity channels, and by the basic telecommunications companies are responsible for the management of the agency channels or network channels are prohibited on behalf of. Three is the strict quality certification. For users shall provide a valid identity certificate, the legal representative of the applicant unit a valid license for ID people, belongs to the resources for the operation of telecommunications services, and to provide the corresponding telecommunications business license. Basic telecom enterprises should strictly check, registration and retained above license information and business use. Four is the number of strict application. The same user in the same basic telecom enterprises nationwide for "400", "one", "business operator" and other key business number, each kind of principle should not exceed 5. Five is the strict ledger management. Strengthen business management training. Is a strict examination and approval call. Users apply for the "400" and "business operator" and comes with 95 outbound and 96 short prefix number through leased voice line to carry out call, must be responsible for the basic telecom enterprises at the provincial level and above, and strict examination and approval, business contract must be expressly permitted by call number or number, time, frequency and external use etc.. The new service will be prohibited from outside. The two is to establish a white list system call. The telecommunication business number of basic telecommunications companies to allow outbound focus must be the number or segment the actual opening, the distribution of the enterprise, and unified into the white list management, list the number of outbound dialogue will be intercepted outside. Through the network relay outbound, which prohibited the use of fixed network, mobile subscriber number or "400" business number.相关的主题文章: