The Ministry of public security’s mid autumn national road traffic safety situation is stable and au solid converter

The traffic control department of the Ministry of Public Security: the mid autumn national road traffic safety situation is stable and Sohu car during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the national public security departments firmly grasp the local weather and holiday travel characteristics, focus on key areas, key sections and key period, predict in advance, careful arrangement, scientific scheduling, police were deployed more than 65 people, 19 police million times, start the enforcement of traffic police station more than 0, to ensure traffic safety and orderly holiday. As of 17, when the country did not occur more than a death of more than 10 major accidents, the national traffic flow is generally stable, did not send growth time, a wide range of traffic congestion in the. The typhoon "Meranti" effect, during the festival the eastern regions a wide range of rainfall, heavy rain in some areas accompanied by strong convective weather such as wind, brings adverse effect to traffic safety and. Under the guidance of Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi and other departments according to the weather condition, timely start emergency mechanism, all the police on the road, strengthen traffic emergency management, the full protection of road traffic, to minimize the effects of bad weather on road traffic caused by. During the typhoon, there were no major traffic accidents, no serious traffic jams. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday when the tourist season, around the public security departments to strengthen the key tourist attractions, leisure resorts, tourist attractions, and judged the connecting city and leisure resort highway roads out of the city, surrounding attractions road traffic safety situation and traffic flow trend, timely adjustment of police deployment, strengthen joint logistics linkage control and guidance. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of traffic safety, local public security departments to actively coordinate with the transportation, tourism and other sectors to tourist attractions, tourist area as the focus, strengthen the passenger bus, tourist bus and non BOT vehicle inspection, thorough investigation of operating vehicle speeding, super crew, drunk driving, illegal operation and other serious night illegal behavior. At the same time, strengthen the supervision and inspection over the implement, the public security departments at all levels of leadership in the post office, strengthen supervision and inspection, the top command scheduling, research and deployment of Shudu the Chang and accident prevention work, to ensure that the work carried out. In order to guide the masses reasonable travel, safe travel, small holiday period, around the full implementation of the "two announced a prompt" requirement, make full use of television, radio, double micro platform and road display different forms, extensive travel tips, illegal exposure, accident warning, issued a total of 180 thousand media information, sending SMS tips 12 million 100 thousand a. (Editor: Huang Yuanping)相关的主题文章: