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The Ming Dynasty style furniture why so many beautiful cat piss text, Zhang Hui       editor Tang Shixiang core tip in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as the shelf bed is the most expensive and most luxurious furniture, most close to another class of objects "life mad cat" has always been to show people the beautiful extraordinary. It is the production of the most colorful design ingenuity and transform. Zhang Hui, who graduated from the History Department of Shandong University, has worked in the Hebei Provincial Museum and the Hebei Education Publishing house. After 1994, in Beijing, a number of publishers as planning assistant editor, and create the Beijing purple Garden Book Publishing company. The author of the "Zheng Guofan puzzle" (Economic Daily Press), editor of the "complete works of Zheng Guofan (China, China Zhigong Publishing House)" history "(China archives Press)," China paintings collection "(JINGWAH Press)," antiques price series "(distant Press) and other works. From the beginning of 2000, in the Wenwan antique furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, collection and research, is now three professional art media columnist. The introduction of the methodology of archaeology, anthropology, iconography and history into the study of furniture. "Ice crack" corner cabinet of Song Dynasty porcelain glaze, firing a coefficient of expansion, resulting in the formation of cracks in glazed opening film, people said such lines as "ice crack" or "ice" ice is blow, there will be a lot of exploding white lines, with this name. The Ming Dynasty "getting it" said: "Ge lines taking ice crack, eel blood on the plum blossom of ink, fine lines, wrinkles under." This is the ice crack defects in a human can’t control, but its natural beauty, anti Alice is regarded as wonderful decoration. The Ming Dynasty Chongzhen seven years published the "Yuanye" cloud: "our version of stone, bucket of ice cracks, suitable for mountain slope, you, the hall Water Pavilion, see the wind window, with people living, like masonry method free lattice, broken brick mill shop still good." This beautiful decoration, is also used in the Ming Dynasty style furniture on. It absorbs the image of ice crack, to save the process of creating wood ice cracks, short material to each other "herringbone" save the contrast and change with many horizontal and vertical regular pattern, seemingly chaotic changes, it is ordered. In the light of the basic furniture in the corner cabinet with cracked ice, flower decorative pattern shows that the identity of the non be not of the common sort, ordinary people can purchase. In the pear furniture, there are a certain number of lines save by cabinet, pattern changing, in addition to ice, there are thousands of words (swastika) lines, square cross lines, brocade, horizontal and vertical lines, "turtle pattern, diamond pattern etc.. Visually, it is exquisite in an elusive victory. Early simple, late complex. Save by early representative pattern is decorated, in carving has not yet developed, it represents the change of vision and new functions. From the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, early Qing Dynasty to the middle of Qing Dynasty, carving more development, in addition to save by Guaizi, ice cracks, windmill lines, words (swastika) lines, square cross lines, brocade, horizontal and vertical lines, "turtle pattern, diamond pattern and other basic no trace. It also reflects the save by decoration is a commonly used form of early. This is a very elegant home at the time相关的主题文章: