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The Mid Autumn Festival Raiders air-conditioning window drive fuel-efficient car which fuel? Sohu – car small Mid Autumn Festival holiday has come to an invigorating autumn climate good weather urged people to travel by car. This season has not been in the hot noon, but closed window driving will still feel tightness. At this time driving, some people choose to open the windows, while others choose to open the window to cool the air conditioning. What is the problem, open the windows and air conditioning which is more expensive? Urban low speed air conditioning is more expensive oil, high speed windows open more oil." Users will likely answer by common consent. But what would be the case? And do you know the specific reason? The air conditioning system of the car is not independent, it is driven by the engine, and is different from the independent driving air conditioning system. Due to space constraints, it is impossible to install an independent air conditioning unit. Since the car’s air conditioning compressor is driven by the engine, then the operation of the air conditioning will certainly have an impact on the performance of the engine, this effect is mainly reflected in idle, overtaking and climbing. Generally speaking, the power of the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine of 110 HP, open air conditioning, air conditioning compressor at least power consumption to around 10 horsepower to ensure the normal work of the condenser, the torque will be reduced by 8-10N· m, when the car at high speed, this loss will not have much impact on engine fuel consumption. But when the engine in idle condition, high speed and torque, torque loss caused by air conditioning compressor is far more than 8-10N· m, in this case, the engine must increase the fuel injection quantity to maintain high speed, engine fuel consumption will increase. In addition, the idle open air conditioning will affect the engine’s maximum power output, there will be a lack of power, the impact of climbing, overtaking when the car’s acceleration performance, serious will cause the engine flameout. In contrast, the urban low speed, open the window to allow the flow of air into the car, take away the hot air inside the car is a cost-effective choice of cooling, but also a more healthy choice. The use of air conditioning for a long period of time, especially in the use of air conditioning cycle mode, will make the air inside the car becomes muddy, to the occupants of the vehicle headache, neuralgia and respiratory discomfort. Know the driving principle of automotive air conditioning, that causes air conditioner oil, then the air volume is more fuel? General automotive manual air conditioning compressor compressor assembly is not variable, adjust the size of air compressor and no relationship, as long as the open air conditioning refrigeration compressor, will always in full working condition, so the air is small fuel-efficient is wrong. When traveling at high speed, the air resistance of the car will increase with the increase of speed, and will increase exponentially. Some people say: the speed of more than 60 kilometers an hour, the engine is in power drag resistance. Is not necessarily accurate, but need to overcome air resistance to the engine work is right. So in order to reduce the speed of the car by the resistance, the designer tried every means to the front of the sharp cut, as far as possible to make the body more in line with the air.相关的主题文章: