The Mekong River action to subvert the Eddie Peng flick real impression gigolos

"The Mekong River action" to subvert the Eddie Peng flick entertainment Tencent impression live ammunition Eddie Peng’s latest movie "the Mekong River action" will be screened at the national archives, the film adaptation of the real case happened in 2011 cracked the Mekong major story. Eddie Peng played in the film lurking in the Golden Triangle line narcotics intelligence officer, from the appearance, language habits, one by one into local life, collect information and attract drug informant network, was a key figure in the successful detection of the. The first time to play the intelligence officer Eddie Peng said very satisfied: "on the world sea, bath fire racing, can think of doing this." Before the shooting, he also received specialized training in the Royal Thailand shooting Coach: "when watching the flick feel very cool, flying shot, roll on the ground shot or ran shot…… But the film "the Mekong River action" completely subverts these, so as not to open genuine." Open and genuine: when looking at is not the same in the film, Eddie Peng plays the identity of the mysterious narcotics intelligence officer, with its many years of experience and against drug traffickers, long-term in-depth Golden Triangle area advantage, help the special operations team cracked the Mekong. In order to get closer to the true role, Eddie Peng received a month of training before filming began, "director Lin Chaoxian invited Thailand Royal coach to guide me to do CQB (CQB) training, which is consistent with our play in some scenes, I spent a lot of time in practice. For example, where to put the bomb, how to deal with drug traffickers caught or attack, and equipped with guns and so on." Eddie Peng said, in the real body will naturally go to the protection, "remember, what time to reload, how to check, gun to others is what kind of state, it used only to find genuine and shoot the film when look very different, not so cool, but it’s true also, very shocking." Eddie Peng revealed that he has been the dream of a gunfight, probably every boy like these kids, this time from the training has been very excited." However, the real exposure to the ammunition is that he does not have the same experience. "I get a hand when it was discovered that in fact is fear, inserted in the body will not be dangerous, will not hurt people, or to use it to protect people, then it will have a sense of responsibility, will also feel that life is fragile and precious." Because director Lin Chaoxian for the real pursuit, not only the weapon is true, all scenes are as much as possible to restore the most real state. "Grassland, caves, underground, puddles, river, heaven into the sea, we can go to go." Eddie Peng said: "in the cave and the woods in the blast scene, the burning pieces of spray into our ears and face, feeling very real." Play Intelligence: 1 characters arrived in the film Eddie Peng played in the intelligence of the 10, Wu ready to fight at any time, the text to master a variety of languages in order to integrate into the local, and access to information at any time. "My role is to communicate with a large number of Thai, Burmese, and other people in Golden Triangle, so I have to learn Thai, Burma, and speak english." Eddie Peng said: "I will find a language teacher to accompany practice before filming, I repeat what he said again, then listened to the recorded, behind the voice.相关的主题文章: