The mayor of Seoul, South Korea in the candlelight vigil requirements of Park Geun hye to resign imm-winavi

The mayor of Seoul, South Korea in the candlelight vigil asked to resign immediately 2, park Geun hye, Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun led South Korea people held a candlelight vigil, called for the resignation of President Park Geun hye. Figure IC east 2 days following the nomination of the late former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Kim Bingzhun for prime minister, South Korean President Park Geun hye 3 chosen the late former president Kim Dae-jung confidant Han Guangyu as his chief of staff, and the appointment of a new chief chief secretary of Chong Wa Dae senior assistant, sought to alleviate the pressure of public opinion. Chong Wa Dae spokesman said she will take a back seat in domestic affairs "". However, South Korean media generally believe that attempts to exit the park Geun hye power center to save the situation, but the opposition and the ordinary people are not buying it. – Park is expected to release part of the dynamic power Park 2 nomination of the former president Roh Moo-hyun’s chief of staff Bingzhun Kim as prime minister, the presidential palace Chong Wa Dae sources, once approved by the Congress, it means that the park Geun hye will release some power. Yonhap quoted 2 sources as saying more than Chong Wa Dae, Pu Jinhui nominated Bingzhun indicates that gold, she intends to introduce "decentralized presidential system", namely the president for foreign and defense foreign affairs, and by the prime minister is responsible for managing domestic affairs. According to an unnamed sources as saying, "this means that gold will become the ‘internal’ President Bingzhun". Another source said, is expected to park in the next few days publicly announced the decision to explain to the public will be transferred to the office of the president’s new prime minister part. "Once the President Park Geun hye publicly confirmed that Prime Minister designate Jin Bingzhun’s authority, almost as we have two presidents in the future. Jin Bingzhun became president, Pu Jinhui "governance" in the domestic second line." When the reporter asked 2 new powers of prime minister, Kim said, he is expected to assume more responsibility. Chong Wa Dae sources, the cabinet reshuffle in the future will be led by Jin Bingzhun, he will actively fulfill the duties of the prime minister, such as the nomination of the cabinet candidate". Chong Wa Dae said that the opposition on the overall situation, gold Bingzhun appointment hearings, the cabinet reshuffle and other matters to cooperate and support. Chong Wa Dae, a staff told Yonhap news agency, is expected to Bingzhun after he became prime minister, the major policy of the current government will change, or be delayed or stopped. Kim served as chief of staff selection center abdominal Pu Jinhui 3, the late former president Kim Dae-jung’s choice of Han Guangyu as the Chong Wa Dae Secretary chief, succeeded last week because of "bestie door" exposure and the resignation of Li Yuanzhong. Xu Yuanqi, a former congressman from the media industry, was appointed chief secretary. Park Geun hye has appointed the new chief secretary and Chief Secretary for public relations. At this point, her chief of staff and other 11 Chong Wa Dae core staff has replaced 4 people. South Korean media analysis, and 2 days to nominate Jin Bingzhun as prime minister, Pu Jinhui nominated also from the liberal Han Kuang Yu as chief of staff, the intention to reduce from the ruling and opposition parties and civil criticism. Han Guangyu, a spokesman for the Chong Wa Dae, said: "with a wealth of knowledge and experience in government affairs, Mr Zheng Ranguo’s commitment to reconciliation and tolerance can help the president from a national perspective, and is the best candidate for a stable political situation. The 74 year old Han Guangyu, a former congressman, member of advisory committee of the current South Korean President Park Geun hye is long service相关的主题文章: