The man within 6 days of a fake credit card to buy 134 thousand of high-grade

The man within 6 days of a fake credit card to buy 134 thousand high-grade tobacco card information is Chinese bank, credit card information has shown are foreigners, this is why? Originally these cards were forged credit cards. Last September, a man Shen Moumou use fake credit card, credit card POS machine to KunMing Railway Station near the Jin Jiang Grand Hotel, the The Square Hotel to buy the kaiwah high-grade cigarettes and drinks, 9 times the total consumption of 134 thousand yuan. Guandu District Court of first instance verdict, Shen Moumou guilty of credit card fraud, sentenced to 6 years and 6 months, and fined $70 thousand. Strange card to buy the cigarette and liquor vendor has not received money in September 28th last year, the 43 year old Jiangsu Jiangyin Shen Moumou in kaiwah The Square Hotel a domestic bank credit card to buy a number of cigarettes, a total consumption of 50 thousand yuan, but the strange thing is that the hotel has not received the money. That night, the hotel staff received a bank notice: someone using counterfeit foreign credit card spending more than 50 thousand yuan in your hotel credit card, the transaction amount of more than 5 yuan. After receiving the notice, the hotel staff quickly looking for this name came to the consumer credit card customers". More than 11 points the next day at noon, when Shen Moumou came to The Square Hotel after the extraction of Jiahua credit card to buy cigarettes, was the bank staff found the alarm. A few minutes later, the Guandu police arrested him and brought back investigation. Shen Moumou and police from the accommodation of an apartment in the hotel room, seized 14 bank cards, identity cards, bank 2 magnetic stripe reader 1, notebook computer 1. Account to help others credit card shopping with 5% to 10% Commission Shen Moumou account, in early 2015, he met a netizen in Fujian online, the other said he can make "big money, as long as he took the bank card to the hotel card to buy something on the line, credit card to buy things into cash, they will give commission of 5% to 10%, Shen Moumou promised. After that, he began frequent access to the hotel, in the hotel with forged credit card spending. According to Shen Moumou account, the credit card is some he used his own name for, after to partner, use business card printing machine (bank magnetic stripe reader) to the foreign credit card information on magnetic write domestic credit card, a credit card forgery success. Guandu District Procuratorate on suspicion of credit card fraud Shen Moumou prosecution, Guandu district court hearing the case. The investigation, September 23, 2015, Shen Moumou using forged credit cards in Jinjiang two times in the lobby of the hotel on the POS machine credit card spending a total of 56300 yuan. September 24, 2015, Shen Moumou in the first floor of Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel restaurant using forged credit card spending 22410 yuan. September 27, 2015, Shen Moumou use forged credit card spending 998 yuan in the Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel restaurant. September 28, 2015, Shen Moumou use forged credit card spending 54963 yuan in the Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel restaurant. 6 days down, Shen a total of more than 13.4 yuan counterfeit credit card consumption. After the Guandu District Court held that Shen Moumou illegal possession for the purpose of using forged credit card fraud, a huge amount, its behavior has violated the law,.相关的主题文章: