The man was buried in the mountains show only one arm police digging 3 hours rescue msvbvm60.dll

The man was buried in the mountains only exposed one arm 3 hours rescue police dig soil Guangxi news network Baise on September 19th news (reporter Cong Ling correspondent Huang Fengtao Chen Wenjing) a delirious man recently was buried in Baise Dongsun Lin Tun Village 100 wooded hillside, when the police will be rescued, say why he is buried the man is not, can not communicate with people. Currently, the man has been sent to the rescue station. In September 13th 11 pm, Baise Youjiang District Dongsun police station received a public alarm call, the phone said there is a person the whole body was buried in the sub hundred Lin Tun a forest, showing only one arm. In the people under the leadership of the police walk about half an hour to arrive at the burial place, and found a pile at the slope collapse of the new earth, between the new and old soil slope has a length of about 1 meters, 0.3 meters wide gap, with many flies flying above the gap, and the stench from. The gap to pry the 0.5 meters, can see a man’s arm. The police tried to shout, but under the earth did not have any response, immediately notify the police criminal investigation technicians and 120 emergency center. 12 pm the same day, support the police arrived at the scene, police in several nearby villagers help, with a hoe and shovel of dirt will take turns clawed, dug about 20 minutes, suddenly heard the earth below came the heavy "whining" twice. "This man is still alive!" The police excitedly shouted to the propaganda, but the other is still no response. And continue to dig for a while, was buried man’s upper body gradually exposed, but the man can not communicate with people, can only send a weak sound. In order to prevent the process of digging stabbed the man, the police turn by hand to dial the PA soil. After nearly three hours of continuous efforts, the police finally succeeded the man rescued from the mound. Waiting for a long time, the medical staff immediately sent to the weak man nutrient solution. Check the body without injury, the police took the man down the mountain, for his body clean, and find clothes for him to change, take out the food to let him eat. Found the police inquiry, the man cannot speak properly, so we can not know its name, home address and family contact and why are Yanmai reasons. According to local villagers, the man in the long wandering around, the police then rushed to the rescue station. Related: "Wuzhou: 8 Han man was kidnapped 18 million or buried alive" "man was holding debt alive 12 days after ransom narrowly escaped the scene rescued" "Guigang 1 year old boy 12 years old cousin disappeared mysteriously was buried alive (Figure)"相关的主题文章: