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The man smashed the window to steal more than 120 thousand with the owner driving pursuit caused by channeling Lianzhuang 4 car – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Yang) in September 24th, a man in Zhuozhou City, followed by depositors to the bank to withdraw money, smashing windows theft of more than 12 yuan in cash. The owner found the stolen car followed, steal men frantically fled caused 4 cars collided, eventually arrested. According to the owner’s family, Ms. Lee introduced the morning of September 24th 8, his father drove to Zhuozhou city an agricultural bank, paid 12 yuan in cash. Near the Bank of China to return way Yihezhuang Xiang Luo village, the father off to go shopping in a supermarket. Because the feeling of time is short, a large number of cash on the body is not convenient, loaded with more than 12 yuan package on the car. Came out from the supermarket to find the window had been smashed, more than 12 yuan in cash or take wings to itself. By questioning the witness, that is just a man smashing windows theft, driving a silver Jetta car fled north. The father hurriedly drove from behind to catch up, chase 2 kilometers to the Canal Village area, because when in Qucun large set of vehicles open fast, the suspected Jetta out. See the owner of the vehicle running behind, Jetta car fled. In a village near the credit cooperatives Qu Cun forcible overtaking, causing the car with a large truck and another two cars collided, but fortunately no casualties. The man hit car theft to escape, he was captured on the spot, but more than 12 yuan in cash disappear without a trace. Upon inquiry, the man said the fear of being caught is evidence on his way to escape put the bag of cash to throw. Subsequently, the man was rushed to the police away. According to the Zhuozhou city police, the morning of September 24th 10, the city of Yihezhuang Xiang Luo Jia Ying Cun occurred inside the car glass smashed cars theft, stolen cash 12 yuan, at present the main suspects have been arrested, the area police station and police squadron is to carry out investigation work.相关的主题文章: