The man said to the government for help was beaten four times not to view the monitor corridor

The man said to the government for help was beaten four times corridor no monitoring can not see the newspaper Baoji news (reporter Cheng Feng) "no matter how difficult, can not beat yourself……" Recently, the newspaper received a reader to reflect Huang Hao, said he is the official recruitment of Linyou County Grain Bureau 90% House Town, during the inauguration of the work of mobilization until today is still in irresettled, now to the retirement age has not been able to get their money wages and welfare benefits, so he rushed the government to seek solutions the plight but does not solve the problem but the door by the government office staff repeatedly beaten. According to Huang Hao, December 1986, he was approved by the Labor Bureau for the state-owned national Linyou County recruit contract workers, assigned to the Linyou County Grain Bureau engaged in team work, be responsible for fleet operations, and then Linyou County Grain Bureau team signed a labor contract. Until the end of 1995 due to poor Grain Bureau fleet units to take full holiday, so he and others home standby, did not expect to wait until 2008, during which he repeatedly asked when the work unit, but Grain Bureau staff told the team does not exist now, his labor relations have been transferred to the grain bureau. He also moved to the Grain Bureau, the answer is to get back to work to wait for the Department to study the decision. It’s been a couple of years. After Huang Hao did not receive any cancellation of the government or the Food Bureau and labor relations procedures. Huang Hao said, and now he has reached the retirement age, wages and benefits are not resolved, life can not be guaranteed, had to seek help from the government, hoping to solve their problems. What he did not expect was the four time that the government had been beaten by staff. Huang Hao said, the last time was in August 18th of this year, as reflected in previous issues did not get a reasonable answer, so he was ready to go to the county to reflect the situation, when he was ready on the two floor, two staff will drag him down on the spot, "I didn’t stand safe fell, I fell to the ground. The government office and two young people come up to me kick a few feet, I had fainted, woke up and found himself lying in the hospital has." For Huang Hao reflect the encounter hit the incident, the county government a deputy director surnamed Li explained that there are staff and Huang Hao pushing, but not the office staff hit him when he came to the county office, because of dissatisfaction with their demands of reply, emotional situation down on the two floor, tried to storm the leadership of the conference room, because Huang Hao’s behavior has seriously disrupted the normal working order of the office, the office staff came to the console to the first floor, Huang Hao in the hall of the two steps, caikong fall sideways, left elbow with the injured coma, because of the crowd scene, our office with 4 workers Huang Hao will be carried into the office and call 110, the police rushed to the scene to Huang Hao sent to the hospital for treatment, treatment costs borne by the grain bureau. For Huang Hao reflect his government in four were hit, deputy director Li said four times because of the other and push or pull with unreasonable demands, no beating behavior. When a reporter asked to see the day when the video surveillance requirements, lee.相关的主题文章: