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The man broke up by travel mijian ex girlfriend was sentenced to five years in the Sohu news Man Wang Lee and exchanges only a month to break up, but Wang always wanted again. By a chance to travel to Beijing, Wang Lee trick take effect after the onset of rape to be hypnotic, Ms. lee. Second days after Ms. Lee sober, the king to rape again by violence means ms.. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, the court recently to the crime of rape, sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, wang. The man pleaded guilty to both sides of the defendant Wang man aged 33. According to the prosecution allegations, Wang in December 12th last year, 13, building a Fasthotel room in Xicheng District Xinqiao Hutong No. 2 country, has to narcotic drugs, choke device neck and other means, forced to have sex with the victim lee. After identification, the degree of physical injury to Ms. Lee two minor injuries. In January 5th this year, Lee was arrested by the police. The prosecution believes that Wang to narcotic drugs, violence and other means, forced sexual relations with women, should be held criminally responsible for rape. In the case of the trial, Wang of the rape charges denied, he argued that the 12 day Lee and the sex was consensual behavior, although 13 days of Lee were beaten, but not forcibly had sex with them. The two was violence Lee displayed in the police statement, she and Wang since last October began to talk with friends, but only a month later, she made a break. After Wang always wanted to return, but Lee did not agree. By the end of last year, Ms. Lee to travel to Beijing, Wang went to Beijing together. He promised to come to Beijing, no longer mention good things, just to accompany me to travel, in fact, I also want to test his feelings for me, they agreed." Ms. Lee said that they to Beijing in December 10th after the Check Inn Hotel, "he proposed to open a room at the time, but I didn’t agree, but considering the cost, I propose to open a standard room and asked him not to me in bed with physical contact, he agreed." Ms. Li said, two days before the incident they live in peace. But on the evening of 12, a return to the room, Wang good care about his throat there is no discomfort, and then took out a few pills, let her down. "I asked him what it is, he said in his throat, eat will be good, I take the medicine after sleeping in the past." The second day, Lee found himself naked lying in the bed, Wang in the side hug yourself. "I woke up and pushed him out of bed and ran to the toilet, I feel dizzy, even fell three, asked him to give me to eat what medicine." Ms. Lee said, but Wang angry, hand grabbed her neck and forced her to have sex. "I imperceptibly to wake up sleeping in the past, blurred vision. While he was still sleeping, I put on my clothes and ran out of the house." Lee told the matter to the family, to the public security organs report. Court of First Instance sentenced to 5 years in prison, the court believes that the use of narcotic drugs and violent means of violence and sexual relations with women, their behavior constitutes a strong Yu相关的主题文章: