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The main salmela injury   Kunlun Hongxing 0-3 defeat giants St Petersburg army – Sports – main salmela injury   Kunlun Hongxing 0-3 defeat giants St Petersburg army source: – sports channel     09 2016 30 August 30 September, 10:53 Beijing time early in the morning of September 30th. St Petersburg army Beijing Kunlun Hongxing Hockey Club – ice hockey team in the West Vanke dragon tour in third games, although the team in the three section of the game always tenacious, but still lost 0:3 to KHL traditional giants, suffered seventh regular season defeat. Because Kunlun Hongxing recently needs to go to Russia’s Western Conference Series challenge several strong rivals, so the team’s performance decline faster, currently leads the Eastern Conference fourteenth; and the home court fighting St Petersburg army is the traditional Russian ice giants, had won the league championship trophy in 2015. In the just concluded World Cup hockey team, the team for the Russian national team contributed 3 players. It can be said that this is a "new challenge" to the first grade "Curve Wrecker" game. The absolute main, Kunlun Hongxing Finland defender Anxi? Salmela game due to injury in the injury list; the Pavel of Chuuk? — one of Russia’s most famous ice hockey players, also because of the adjustment of missed the game. Game only 4 minutes, Kunlun Hongxing first angry, Marx? Wahn pole shot shot straight at goalkeeper Igor Xie Sichu gold chest?. After 10 minutes, the two sides have maintained the balance of well-matched in strength. The game went on for fourteenth minutes, with the tacit understanding of the St Petersburg army suddenly launched a round of fast-paced blitz". Yegor? Ya quebracho Lev position in the blue line on the left of the ambush quickly pass, Anton? Sergei immediately pass outflanking the Beloff qiuhou? Xiluokefu, Kunlun Hongxing goalkeeper Andre makaroff? Flying block was trying to wear a small opponent". This process is very smooth, so that the visiting players all slow, 1:0. Near the beginning of the second quarter, Kunlun Hongxing has withstood tenaciously a strong attack each other. However, when twenty-fifth minutes into the game, to the full Kunlun Hong Xing has suffered another blow, Linusi? Weddle launched the attack hit a home team player steals, St Petersburg army players rescue the ball through the wall bounce is the formation of a single opportunity, Nikita? Goucher husband singled out Makarov successful, scoring eighth goals this season the 2:0. Thirty-fourth minutes, Kunlun super star player Oleg Yashin? In front of the door against trying to open the ball dipped failed, eventually hit the side line, also missed the best opportunity to score. St Petersburg fans in the stands behind the Chinese characters written "friendly" slogan to welcome Kunlun Hongxing, but also adds warmth to the fierce competition. But on the ice, they are not ready to go. Third to forty-seventh minutes, Dinard? Card fee of the geomantic heavy shelling door hit the ball)相关的主题文章: