The layout of the global steady progress of the German car returned to the Latin American

The global layout steadily Germanpool wal car official return to the Latin American market – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, the day before, the legendary German car brand Bao Wo car carrying history classic cars stunning debut in Argentina San Isidro (HIPó DROMO DE SAN ISIDRO Autoclá Sica) held in 2016; the classic car show. Wo Bao car has made brilliant achievements in the Latin American region last century in 50s, the appearance of Argentina Bao Wo brand is following the March 2015 Geneva auto show announced the brand after the return of first landed in Latin America, marks the prelude to volant car to return to the Latin American market officially opened. 2016 Autoclá Sica classic car show by the International Federation of vintage vehicles (FIVA) organized as a global field of vintage car is one of the most important exhibition attracted worldwide attention vintage car enthusiasts. The classic car show attracted treasure, BMW, Jaguar, wal Reynolds and other auto brands to participate in, and gathered from around the world more than 200 vintage car. At the same time, the official partner of UNESCO (UNESCO) to provide sponsorship for the event. The president of the German automobile group Bao Wo Management Committee and the global CEO new HOLLEY attended the classic car show for many years, the local Argentina Bao Wo classic car owners spontaneously established in 2012 Argentina Bao Wo owners club, has been active in the americas. The club has been adhering to the "keep all the memories of Argentina Wo Wo," the purpose of the local Wal Mart classic models of careful maintenance and maintenance. At present, the club has 36 members and 38 Vintage car. Bao wo Argentina owners club president Alberto Collarino from global Bao Wo fans welcomed: "glad to see so many fans gathered in Argentina Bao wo. Wo Bao car is an outstanding representative of the German automobile industry history, it has created the masterpiece to America had left a deep memory, I am very happy to see Bao Wo car back to Argentina, I believe the future will have a brand new Bao Wo create more classic cars!" Historically, Argentina has been impressed by the brilliance of the company, which was founded in 1954 in Argentina. The local plant is responsible for the production of engines and the assembly of best-selling models. Elegant streamline body has a classic model of Isabella (Isabella) had produced here. Isabella (Isabella) models not only in Germany and Europe has been a huge success in South America, Australia and Southeast Asia has a profound influence. The president of the German automobile group Bao Wo Management Committee and the global CEO and HOLLEY new owners club chairman (right) and chairman of the German fans photo activities, Bao Wo Automobile Group Management Committee and the global CEO HOLLEY said: "not just touching Bao Wo in Latin America was brilliant, and loyal fans in Bao wo long years of waiting. This time, we didn’t let them down. 2015,.相关的主题文章: