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Self-Improvement Many people are of the view that the way the Law of Attraction and the process of goal achievement works is that you simply set an intention and what you desire .es to you. Okay, some folk go further and they create their vision boards, practice positive affirmations, and take action towards achieving their goal but when the date by which they’ve asked for their "stuff" to arrive .es and goes without any clear evidence of their stuff they are left wondering – "Where’s my stuff?" And, you know, there are a multitude of answers to this question. So I’m just going to explore one possible answer. First of all it has been said many times and in many ways that you are not given a true desire for something without being given the ability to bring that desire into fruition. It’s also said that the Universe always delivers. Have you ever submitted a request to a radio station for the DJ to play a special song? If you have, you probably remember waiting somewhat anxiously to hear that song. And you probably also recall the excitement you felt when you heard that special song. Now you probably think I’m going to say that goals setting and achievement works in a similar way – not quite. You see, the moment you submitted your request it was granted. In other words the music began playing. It was just that that your ear was not tuned to it and if what you requested was something really big then the music was very faint. Stephen Pierce said that: "Possession is nine tenths of the law but possession with respect to your mindset." Or as Mark Victor Hansen puts it: "Your state of mind creates your state of results." Your role in the Law of Attraction process to achieve your goal is to move into alignment with your goal. You have to tune into the music. What you desire may be right under your nose but you’re just not seeing it. It’s like having a radio on but all you can hear is static. Or, it’s like wearing glasses with the wrong type of lenses so that everything is .pletely out of focus. You have to tune into the right frequency on the radio or you have to keep changing the lenses of your glasses until you find the right frequency and or the right lens. So the question is how do you align yourself with what you want? Richard Bach said, "You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it .e true. You may have to work for it, however." When you set your goal your voice of intuition will speak to you, suggesting that you do something. Sometimes, it may not even make sense to you – do it. I’m not suggesting that you do anything reckless or dangerous – with practice you’ll learn to recognize your voice of intuition and you’ll know that it’s a voice you can trust. You see, your intuition is connected to the Universe at large and therefore knows things that you will not consciously know. It ‘sees’ the bigger picture whereas you can only act in the here and now. And this is why it’s important to take action when your intuitive voice speaks because the Universe likes speed. When you do this you’ll automatically move closer to your goal and people, resources and opportunities will be drawn to you even though you still may not be able to actually see your end result. You still have to believe that what you desire is possible because if you don’t the Law of Attraction will still work but this time it will bring to you what you don’t want. So remember: "Believe and your belief will create the fact." William James Now if you’re still not seeing your stuff, it could be that you haven’t allowed a sufficient gestation period. However, if you know in your heart that it should have been possible for you to achieve your goal within the time you allotted it and you’ve been diligently working towards achieving your goal, it could be that it has been delivered but you’re still not seeing it. So try looking at your situation from a new perspective. This may reveal your goal to you. What you desire it not necessarily going to .e hand-delivered with a bright red bow wrapped around it. Also share your dilemma with others, they may be able to see what you’re missing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: