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The king Emperor Yan Yi as the truth + + 30 years, everybody loves my Sohu   entertainment; 1986 Maruko cartoon image was born, has been a full 30 year movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" in September 23rd, the mainland release     Sohu entertainment exclusive Zhuangao (planning film, the Du Du Sohu my name is called) "cherry, peach, read the third grade primary school. Because I’m small, everyone calls me the ball." In 1986, Japanese cartoonist cherry with childhood experiences based on the comic began painting "Chibi Maruko", humorous works of popular hand act. In 1990 -1992, "Chibi Maruko" first animated television broadcast on Fuji, to create high ratings. After twenty consecutive years, the ball topped the Japanese animation ratings before three, when 2013 has more than 1000 sets. It is still in the series hit, Japan is not only the hearts of everyone national animation, have high visibility in the whole of Asia has. "Chibi Maruko" not only was made into a movie, even the famous Japanese television series "world wonderful story" 20 anniversary, specially a skit set "to meet the street". For the 80, 90, animation "Chibi Maruko" is the childhood after you finish your homework before dinner and the happy time; is the Mavis Fan version of the theme song "attention stood"; is able to pack into small baskets in the little happiness. The 30 anniversary of the birth of my 2016 cartoon image, Theatrical Movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" today in the mainland release, students meet for the first time balls on the big screen and the audience is still Chinese, affection, friendship and life, can be linked into wonderful childhood memories.   love a girl a sweet very ordinary but super love girl was born in May 8, 1965, Taurus, blood type A, is an ordinary primary school students. There are 6 people in my family, mom and dad a little housework, two love cool, Grandpa excited tears still love writing crappy haiku, grandma always smiling, my sister often crossed, key when it will stand up to her. A ball is not rich   my family is not rich, not the TV remote controller; no heaters in winter, grandma kept warm; sleep habits of the old quilt when others stay home sweet new quilt will be insomnia; because I haven’t seen also threw the flower round students sent a durian. But in one family are sitting together, the ordinary and warm daily especially precious. The ball is not perfect but happiness is not perfect but always strong sweet optimism and goodness girl do not love learning, lazy holiday, the last day of the family doing her homework. The family also spoiled wayward vexatious, love friends, love family. She has a large brain, loves to travel, and loves to daydream. Silly, eat good stuff is particularly easy to meet, every hour and moment are very optimistic. She live simple and frank, each of us has a very strong childhood body shadow happiness sweet. Have friends.相关的主题文章: