The Jersey marathon ignored global player won the Russian ban on triggering an investigation-candy boy

The Jersey marathon player won the Russian ban on ignoring the global trigger survey map. This year, a Russian athlete doping incident has been speculation raise a Babel of criticism of. Now, another new event: in the event of a global ban under the background of Russian marathon runner – Alexei Nikolaevich in October 2nd at the British roathy gold Jersey marathon swoop, and took a $4000 bonus. But now he needs to get the money back because he’s been stripped of the title. According to the IAAF, Russian players will not be allowed to participate in any international events such as the Olympic Games. But even as small as in the UK held in Jersey marathon is not possible. However, it is clear that Troche Kim and Jersey marathon officials have ignored the ban. The 30 year old Russian player not only appeared in the game, but also to the results of the 2 hours and 18 minutes to win the championship. This is the third consecutive victory he won in the competition, so be sure to say, the official familiar with special gold rush. The official transcript on the official website also has his name (and still shows that he is the champion) and is shown from "russia". The official even granted him the number 1. However, after the outbreak of the problem of doping, Russia in November last year, the IAAF has announced the suspension of Russia’s membership, the decision to ban athletes around the world. "Obviously, this is an international event and he is not allowed to participate. Because of the ban list, he did not qualify for entry." The IAAF confirmed that the investigation of "the IAAF has begun suspected illegal IAAF regulations." To this end, the special Roth gold champion was canceled. And, according to the track and field report, the more trouble is that the Russians after the game also got 2500 pounds (equivalent to $4000) bonus. He must return the money after the cancellation. The winner was awarded in 2 hours 19 minutes 55 seconds second crossed the end point American contestant Christopher – tie Broca’s. Last year he is here to Troche Kim runner up. At present, there are no reports he got the replacement check. At the same time, there is no argument about whether he expressed concern about the official game. The tournament is held in the UK athletics rules, 10, British athletics IAAF confirmed has been investigating the matter, but will not comment in all the facts. The race director issued a statement reads: "we are aware of the 2016 Jersey marathon men’s champion – gold speculation roathy alexey. At present, the IAAF is considering his situation, and we are waiting for the official ruling. We are working with the British athletics IAAF and work together, if there is further information, we will release an updated statement." To be clear, there is no Troche Kim about doping or identity fraud allegations, but only because he was one of the Russian athletes worldwide ban. Sina runs the moonlight相关的主题文章: