The history of the most God goal! Dortmund 15 minutes 5 ball 22 minutes 5-2 (video)

The history of the most God goal! Dortmund 15 minutes 5 ball 22 minutes [] 5-2 score in the area of reflexive detonation the goal Kagawa Shinji scored two of the Tencent in November 23rd sports news Dortmund against Warsaw’s Champions League battle, called the history of the most magical goal of war. The two teams just 22 minutes into the 7 ball, the game 5-2, the Hornets 5 goals in just 15 minutes into the 3 ball, which is gains in 3 minutes and 21 seconds, creating a series of European Guanxin record. Dortmund 15 minutes into the 5 ball mad Warsaw Legion champions Real Madrid draw (data), morale, to Westphalia actually the opening 10 minutes straight, Switzerland striker Prijovi cleverly free from. Who would have thought the accident this grain of goal, a magical reversal of Dortmund 15 minutes into 5 ball. Dortmund is only 7 minutes behind, Kagawa Shinji scored in the 17 and 19 minutes into the two ball, lightning reversal. The clock just point to 20 minutes, the goalkeeper out error free kick, Real Madrid Jiujiang Shaheen the ball crashed into the door, the Hornets just 3 minutes and 21 seconds, the magic even into 3 balls. The show followed, then prijovic area Qiangdian shot, also scored two of the Warsaw army to chase the score 2-3, this is the first time in the history of a single game in the Champions League 25 minutes before the birth of 5 goals. The two teams 3-2, forcing the Dortmund must continue to consolidate the leading edge force. Sure enough 29 minutes, Royce left into the box to knock back, France Shinco international Osman Dembele even after over two volley, a 19 year old winger won his first European goal occupation. 32 minutes, after half a year of retirement again Royce, Kagawa Shinji restricted left rib knock, front calm tuishe accomplishment, after February 2015 into his first Champions League goal for the 7 terrorist goals at the end of the war. 17 minutes to 32 minutes, just a short span of 15 minutes, Dortmund even into the ball, an average of 3 minutes a ball, the efficiency of terror. Dortmund has become after Bayern in April 2015, 1 and a half years since the first half of the team scored 5 goals in the Champions League, and the team Tuchel half a total of 6 shots, 5 shots, it gains 5 ball. With the Warsaw regiment half scored two goals, the first half was born 7 balls, and are in the game before the 32 minutes. Single game 32 minutes before the birth of the 7 champions league ball, also a record, the original record is 2003 Monaco VS battle of La Coruna (the final score of Monaco 8-3), born seventh ball, the clock is pointing to 45 minutes. The game also tied 13 years ago that a war, the history of parallel half most goals in Champions League matches. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: