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The gold seal was sold 8 million opened before Shen Yin "assets" mystery – Beijing Century mystery "Shilong stone tiger, thousands of gold and silver five, who know the broken, buy Chengdu office". Zhang Xianzhong thousand ship sank silver legend has been much talked about, which is the first in Pengshan has been spread for hundreds of years of nursery rhymes, also become numerous people in pursuit of Zhang Xianzhong "in search of treasure silver tactic". According to historical records, the Ming Dynasty peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong Ming after the uprising in Chongzhen seventeen years (1644) August 9th occupied Chengdu, the establishment of Onishi, Gaiyuan dashun. In July 1647, Zhang Xianzhong was with the Ming Dynasty, Western Sichuan remnantly local generals Yang exhibition in Pengshan in fighting, utterly routed. Zhang Xianzhong and some soldiers fled to Chengdu, and the majority of ships loaded with silver and burned or by crashing into the river. Zhang Xianzhong, how many money? What is the ship sank thousand silver folklore or true? The hundred years of mystery, with shocking Zhang Xianzhong silver precipitation excavation case cracked, or fog, zhenrong. "Zhang Xianzhong Shen silver" robbing case cracked 100 reselling of precious cultural relics, including 8 pieces of cultural relics at the national level, 38 level two, 54 pieces of cultural relics three cultural relics, cultural relics involved in the transaction amount of 3 million yuan. October 14th, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter from Pengshan police confirmed that the case of all major cultural relics recovered, the prosecution of the main suspects. In similar cases, the number of precious cultural relics recovered, the total number of cultural relics, the number of suspects arrested are the province’s first, is the largest cultural relics in 2016 cracked the case. Among the relics recovered, tiger button Yongchang Grand Marshal gold seal is particularly eye-catching. A national level cultural relics, to sell 8 million yuan, the stolen dig reselling story is also very special. Recover the national treasure tiger button Yongchang Grand Marshal gold seal. Diving under the old driver of the water to expose the marshal Zhang Xianzhong gold printing suspect song 34 years old, with a diving experience of the past 11 years. Tomb-sweeping Day late 2013, Pengshan District of Jiangkou Town across the Minjiang River, under the cover of night, dressed in a diving suit into a song. He did not think, this dive, actually feel a lump of gold "". The water is less than three meters, the song hands constantly exploring, on a stone, he felt a lump of gold. "It was very heavy in my hand, it felt like a metal." A look at the water, song scared: a golden tiger lifelike! 800 thousand! By the middle of the Yuan Mou, song that someone would like to 800 thousand, the acquisition of the golden tiger. Song some hesitation, he wanted to wait and see if there is no higher price. 3 days later, in the same position, through the night, song again into the water. In the discovery of more than 10 meters of Gold Tiger place, less than 3 meters underwater, a square metal, feel heavy. A look at the water, the song was shocked: This is a gold seal! After understanding the letter of "Grand Marshal of Yongchang"! Even more exciting song is that this gold seal, just before and touch the golden tiger fit. This is a gold seal tiger button! 800 thousand of the golden tiger, with gold seal, the seller bid rose by 10相关的主题文章: