The game into a university professional school only a few early

"The game" into a university professional school only a few early adopters of the name of the game the way to get a college diploma, such a "good thing" really there. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued "the ordinary high school of Higher Occupation Education (College) professional directory" 2016 supplement professional, announced 13 new majors, including "E-sports and management", belongs to the sports class. The new specialty is suitable for higher vocational schools, which will be implemented in 2017. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Jiangsu vocational colleges have not set up professional gaming, but China has been in a step ahead.   authority issued the Ministry of Education Supplement 13 professional e-sports Heranzailie according to media reports, September 2nd, occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 additional professional, including "E-sports and management" in the professional. Code 670411, belongs to the category of education and sports sports. The new specialty is suitable for the higher vocational school (including the higher education college, other ordinary colleges and universities to carry on the specialized subject level education), will carry out in 2017. This year, a higher vocational college in Inner Mongolia announced the opening of the first e-sports professional. Special notation: college admissions professional aggregation of the nation’s top team coaches and tactical analysts, to cultivate professional gaming players, coaches, tactical gaming analyst. Reporters read the 2016 Jiangsu college admissions directory, from this year’s enrollment situation, have not set up gaming majors in Colleges and universities. Reporter consulted a number of higher vocational college admissions in Nanjing, the answer is not to start the program. Nanjing a vocational college admissions official said, set up the new profession first to have enough teachers to have appropriate teacher teaching, in addition to the mature curriculum system, at present our school no related course". Double game of female life gaming needs Curve Wrecker game also has a 3.9 grade point average, ranking the first professional, comprehensive evaluation results is the first professional, won the national scholarship, the incumbent Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League school, Minister of science and technology, monitor, school three good students, outstanding student leaders, outstanding cadres…… It’s a long string of honor of the owner, is of 2014 level mechanical engineering girl Hu Sunying, her another identity is the game enthusiasts, "we have a team of 5 people, including me, there are 2 girls and 3 boys." It is interesting that Hu Sunying’s dormitory a total of 4 girls, of which 3 are game lovers, as long as self-control, or can play a proper". School of computer science, Nanjing University of Technology, 1502 students soft Yang Yaowu, has been playing for the past 5 years, the League of heroes. "Is the beginning of the game automatically to my team, I later discovered, and a stranger to a group, we play games without understanding." Thus, after the introverted Yang Yaowu, and gradually learned to communicate with people, but also to know a lot of like-minded friends, circle of friends gradually expanded up. The game of life — do not match the school, good grades to register in April this year, Nanjing Institute of technology.相关的主题文章: