The former bald mountain today huaguoshan

in Jiangxi Ganxian Yang Bu Cun Yang BU Xiang, all over the mountains and plains of greenery, rows of fruit trees thrive. Who is the owner of the mine Han Xianlin at the home of more than 300 acres of orchard said with emotion: "when move mining, now planted fruit trees. Tried last year received twenty thousand pounds Guaguo navel orange grapefruit, according to the current market, this year can be guaranteed, next year will make money!"

a few years ago, here is a vertical and horizontal, rock exposed abandoned rare earth mines. The former barren "bald mountain" is a picturesque scenery, how to become the fruit of "flower"? Han Xianlin told reporters, abandoned mine reclamation green complex project, so that the "bald mountain" has become a "mountain of flowers and fruit".

is located in the southern part of Ganzhou, Jiangxi has rich mineral resources, known as the "Rare Earth Kingdom" "world tungsten" reputation. Relying on the advantages of resources, rare earth, tungsten industry has developed thousands of billion industry, the city’s economic development has made important contributions.

mining activities in the promotion of economic development at the same time, it is caused by the deterioration of the environment and the threat of geological disasters in mining areas. Any mining place, almost all the damage to the environment problems of abandoned mines. According to statistics, in 2011 the city of Ganzhou abandoned rare earth mines 497, damaged area of 97.34 square kilometers, rare earth mineral topsoil acid pollution area of 60 square kilometers.

in recent years, the country will clear the Gannan as "an important ecological barrier in the area of South china". Ganzhou city as a warning for the future, determined to take the ancient healing courage, management of abandoned mines.

"each of the abandoned mining terrain is not the same, but because of the exploitation of the terrain is very irregular." Ganzhou Mining Authority official said, "in order to implement the abandoned mine reclamation green better, we should follow the plow tillage, Lin Zelin, Yi Yi, water is water, should work the work principle, the abandoned mining area back into agricultural land, orchard, water or industrial land."

Anyuan county head of rare earth in abandoned mining area, once known as the "bald mountain", resulting in ponds, reservoirs, river siltation of about 15000000 cubic meters, more than 1 thousand and 500 acres of farmland flooded, after environmental governance, whirling in neat rows of Eucalyptus leaves, green orange tree fruits. Longnan rare earth zudong abandoned mining area the introduction of social capital, planting a variety of species, with the top of the slope planted pine, linen, platform of mulberry, the overall layout of bamboo Valley ", out of a" forest – fruit – grass "transformation model. Xunwu Wenfeng County stone row of rare earth in abandoned mining area, as close to 206 National Road, and there are a lot of rare earth tailings, the county will develop it flat for industrial use, has now built industrial park……

so far, the city has 47.7 square kilometers of abandoned mines governance, governance is under the jurisdiction of 28.8 square kilometers, did not govern the area of 20.84 square kilometers. Gannan mountain streams flowing from the water to tens of thousands, all the way to sing to the Ganjiang River and empties into the Yangtze River, East River, Pearl River flows into the.

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