The food and Drug Administration to develop the network ordering supervision measures


said the director of the State Food and Drug Administration food regulatory division two Ma Chunliang 16, according to the food and beverage industry quality and safety problems, will improve the relevant system standards, is currently working out of the network ordering, dining and some other schools focus on supervision and management measures; strengthen the supervision and management, to all of the food and beverage industry including small catering to licensing or filing to use, 2-3 years, an assessment of all food safety.

food and Drug Administration held a news conference on the morning of 16, to the media on 2016 food safety sampling and sampling plan in 2017, while the introduction of food safety sampling during the spring festival. Ma Chunliang said that the food and drug administration to carry out the quality and safety of food and beverage industry to enhance the project, strengthen the supervision of the food and beverage industry, improve the quality and safety of food and beverage industry, mainly in the following six areas of focus:

is prompting the government responsibility. Governments at all levels should take the quality and safety of food and beverage industry as an important task for the people to do practical work. To strengthen the overall coordination and supervision and management, in accordance with the State Council’s "request the public entrepreneurship peoples innovation" to increase the catering industry investment, catering industry upgrading, including centralized management, services, food and beverage industry to promote the development of.

two is to improve the relevant system standards. The food and drug administration is stepping up research to develop network ordering supervision and management measures, the school dining centralized supervision and management measures and food service food safety practices, at the same time with the National Planning Commission to further improve the relevant standards of food and beverage industry.

three is the main responsibility for the implementation of the catering industry. In the future, large-scale food and beverage service enterprises should set up a special food safety management organization, all food and beverage outlets should be clear food safety. Food and beverage industry to strengthen the control of raw materials, to strengthen the control of hygiene conditions in the production process, all food and beverage utensils and equipment cleaning, disinfection must comply with health standards. Supervise the catering industry to strengthen management, to ensure food quality and safety.

four is to strengthen supervision and management. One is in the supervision and management, strict licensing and filing. At present, the country has issued food business license, the issuance of licenses of food and beverage service units is about 370. In addition to a large number of small restaurants, now in some places of small catering management issued some local regulations, food and drug administration requires all food and drug regulatory authorities of all food and beverage industry including small catering to licensing or filing, to achieve full coverage of supervision.

to use the 2-3 years time, an assessment of all food safety officer, as ordinary people learn to drive a driver’s license, when issuing the certificate change is to carry out the assessment of food safety, and urge them to master some knowledge of food safety. At the same time to strengthen the daily supervision of catering management and supervision and inspection, to strengthen the network supervision of catering services, but also seriously and strengthen the school, kindergarten canteens, rural collective dining, tourism landscape;