The first entity fund size of National Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises amoun

The first entity fund size of National Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises amounted to 6 billion yuan – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Liu Yuying) in August 29, the Ministry of industry and information technology Chinese 29 news, the first real fund of the National SME development fund since 2016 since the formal operation, has achieved good results, the total size of the fund reached 6 billion yuan (entity RMB, the same below). September 2015, China’s Ministry of Finance announced the establishment of the National SME development fund, the central government will contribute 15 billion yuan through the integration of funds, the establishment of a total size of 60 billion yuan of the National SME development fund. In January 2016, the National SME development fund’s first gold fund entity in Shenzhen. The Ministry of the 29 day, the fund 6 billion yuan of the plate, the central government invested 1 billion 500 million yuan, to attract other social capital of Shenzhen municipal government, financial institutions, large private enterprises invested 4 billion 500 million yuan, the central government funds to enlarge effect. As of now, the first real fund will have passed 17 projects, involving a total investment of 360 million yuan; completed investment 14 projects with a total investment of 270 million yuan. From the point of view of investment stage, the real funds to focus on investing in seed stage, start-up period of enterprises; from the industry distribution, the fund has a certain entity stick around the competition but there are key areas of market failure or weakness in investment, investment direction covering new energy and new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, bio medicine and health the new Internet media, information technology etc.. The Ministry said that the follow-up has been completed 3 entities fund management institutions bidding. By the end of 2015, the national industrial and commercial registration of SMEs more than 2000, more than 54 million individual industrial and commercial households. When the size of small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 50% of the scale of industrial enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises to provide more than 80% of urban jobs, employment as the main channel. (end)相关的主题文章: