The first drag braid Metro Line 6 test run that cost 75 million queer as folk

The first "drag braid" Metro Line 6 test run the cost of 75 million reporters yesterday learned from Wuhan Metro Group, Metro Line 6 line power supply system successfully through the train across the board to enter the hot slip test run stage. This means that the line from the end of this year, according to the plan to open another step in the trial operation. Yesterday morning, Metro Line 6 old Guan Cun depot huge train maintenance base, the number of ten columns neatly parked a new "green grass" train. Wuhan evening news reporter saw the scene, and the rail traffic No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 line is different, the train below the "third rail" – yellow rail disappeared, instead of the roof a plait like the pantograph, an overhead power line hanging directly above train. "This is the power supply network to provide traction power for the train." Wuhan Metro Group Construction Headquarters deputy general manager, engineering professor Zhang Gang said, Metro Line 6 Wuhan subway is the head of the 1500 volt DC overhead catenary power supply line, all using the rigid suspension network tunnel contact, electric bus by setting up on the roof of the pantograph and contact line for electric sliding contact can, similar to the electrified railway power mode. Compared with the DC 750 V contact rail power supply mode, the contact line power supply mode of Metro Line 6 is more safe, reliable, economical and easy to maintain. Because of the power supply catenary to the sky from the ground up, generally not on line maintenance personnel and other personnel constitute a security threat, when the train accident in the tunnel, it will not affect the rapid evacuation of passengers, when people in case of power failure in orbit area, no electric shock accidents will happen. The voltage level of the DC 1500 volts is doubled than before, the voltage is higher, the resistance is smaller, the current of the traction network is reduced by half under the same power, and the power loss of the traction network is reduced by more than 50%. Therefore, the whole line of traction substation reduced from the original 22 to 16, the cost of this alone will save nearly $48 million, which does not include the cost of equipment space occupied civil construction investment. At the same time, compared to the contact rail power supply, contact network construction investment of about 300 thousand yuan per kilometer, in accordance with the standard line 2 line of nearly 72 km, the estimated cost of about $20 million to build. It is worth mentioning that the 6 line is China’s first subway line across the board with full independent intellectual property rights of 1500 volt DC traction power supply system, DC switchgear used in all "made in Wuhan" equipment localization, the cooperation by Wuhan Metro Group and CSIC 712 research successfully developed and put into use. Due to break the monopoly of foreign technology, which is cheaper than imported equipment cost about 6 million 400 thousand yuan. Comprehensive calculation down, the use of OCS power line 6, a total of nearly 75 million yuan to save electricity supply construction costs.相关的主题文章: