The first Chinese explorers were selected by the United States in the ten National Geographic Advent-winflash

The first Chinese from National Geographic Explorer Semitic selected ten year exploration figures – Beijing, Beijing, November 5, the 2016 annual National Geographic Adventure Award (China area) ten nominated Explorer — one of the Semitic, after the international contest, in Beijing between the evening of November 3rd successfully selected the ten largest in the world, become the first National Geographic Adventure annual award ten nominated Explorer Chinese. As an important international awards for outdoor exploration field, National Geographic Adventure annual award will be selected each year, ten outstanding outdoor explorers in the global scope, to encourage people in awe and spirit of endless self breakthrough. Each nominated Explorer is chosen for his outstanding achievements and contributions in exploring the unknown, exploring the movement, protecting the environment and carrying out the spirit of humanity. Once in the multinational company to do electrical engineers flash is a seemingly impossible challenge – the world’s first the Yellow River full drift project alone, and to conquer the selection of judges. He starts from an altitude of 4500 meters in Qinghai province Bayanhar the Yellow River source, using a rubber boat down the river, through Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong nine provinces, a total of 5464 kilometers, took 234 days, finally in December 20, 2015 in Shandong city of Dongying province the Yellow River mouth ashore, and do the research of religion, water pollution, land desertification, education, economy and disease in six areas along the coast of the Yellow River, and wrote 30 words recorded in the Yellow River. The Yellow River life and death on the road the Yellow River, the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the Chinese people’s mother river. Since 30 years ago, the first drifting in the Yellow River, after the tragic death of the 7 people, in the past 30 years, no one dared to go all the way to the Yellow River. And this time, with the sole use of flash to create a record, while drifting in the process of investigating the human ecology of the Yellow River. In order to explore the challenge, his wife Zhang Haiyan also quit his job, full-time logistics start to drive along. From May 1, 2015 (the actual source of the Yellow River floating point source located about 120 kilometers to make boats floating at the drift) to December 20th arrived in Dongying city of the Yellow River mouth ashore in 234 days, and the average risk of pressure at the age of 42, Semitic endured unimaginable: braved the wind and rain, braving the cold, cold hands numb swollen, body shaking more than; trembling hands, holding the tent Aluminum Alloy rod, inserted a long time has not been able to account on the end fixed hole plug, but inserted into their toes; the night lying in the May cold tent, only wolves with his companion…… After 56 days of stable drifting journey, Semitic Tangnaihai Xiang Qinghai will encounter the most dangerous whitewater kayaking is pulling water, plunged left and right, almost impossible to control, seeing the canoe toward the rocks, with all the strength with a Semitic paddle boat turned head, escaped from the gate, a few hours of drifting, long like a few centuries. Finally, he exhausted in a little water. "Once an accident happens, no one can save me, and neither will I find my body," he said." Drift alone.相关的主题文章: