The first boy suspected due to suspension cleanliness of schools and students too

The first boy was too squeamish drop out of schools and students "dirty" Dongguan Sunshine Network Mid Autumn Festival holiday is coming to an end tomorrow, Dongguan students have to return to school. However, a student of Dongguan star (a pseudonym) but how are unwilling to go back to school, and he has been suspended for a period of time, the reason was: "he felt that the school is too dirty". The students think "dirty" star began to read the first cut off all contact with last year, this is the first time he can stay in the boarding school, this is not long, the mood becomes very bad. In his eyes, the dormitory bed, toilet, bath room are very dirty, as long as there is contact, it is necessary to give yourself a clean. Not only all kinds of "abandon dormitory health", this class also often because of "dirty" feeling and the distraction. "The class math teacher, for example, a rectangle is how, see this rectangle, I think the school dormitory a rectangular dirt, such as cabinets, such as" star said, this "dirty" experience often let him on pins and needles, is becoming more and more love.相关的主题文章: