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Arts-and-Entertainment These days in the show biz industry has turned out to be a normal thing to do, despite most famous film makers from time to time to produce rubbish, so it’s nearly inconceivable that someone in his whole profession, has made films which are much better than the previous. David Fincher succeeded with the previous in the past 10 years. The viewers follow the movie with the story of the unnamed central figure (Norton), who introduces us to his monotonous yuppie everyday life, in which the entire time is dedicated to buying Scandinavian furniture. Exhausted from dullness from life, our hero falls in to an existential crisis that shows up itself with the sleeplessness. He will be healed by going to therapeutic groups whose members experience severe, not curable diseases. Our main character is, of course in good health, yet psychological purification that feels there will make him an addict. Issues occur when the same healing group begins to visit yet another "phony" – darker Marla (Peterson) – and constantly reminds him that their routine is based on deception. Tortured again by insomnia, the main character meets Tyler Durden (Pitt) in an airplane, unorthodox, on the road business person who makes soap, having fun in the spare time by doing a variety of mischiefs in dining places, movie theaters and other alike establishments. The pair of them instantly turned best friends. Norton Durden the hero, whose flat burned down in a fire, in his home. One of the unusual symptoms of the friendship – Battles – be.e unusually popular, lots of men see in them the only method to experience excitement. Durden establishes "The Fight Club", an secret group which organizes routine fights amongst its members. The hero is fascinated by it, yet he soon gets worried when Durdens group starts to broaden, and from its participants Durden establishes a private army of supporters, whose motives aren’t safe at all. Although Fincher stated in a number of interviews that his personal opinions shouldn’t be associated with those in the movie’s characters, and even though he clarified that the idea of the movie is not harmful, it did not prevent the pastors on duty who the battle club as misogynistic male-chauvinistic fantasy that promotes physical violence and fascism. Some were a little milder, attacking the film not really due to the idea, yet because a few viewers might do not understand the concept and prefer violence. Nonetheless, Finchers glove in the face of "political correctness" and Hollywood canons couldn’t cause more negative reactions from the media establishment, so this movie undeservedly lost an Oscar . But, no matter if you agree with the ideas layed out within this film or not, Fight Group is one thing that is not seen for many years in Hollywood – intelligently created, stylistically and conceptually un.promising film, whose authentic worth will be seen only in the decades that .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: