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Quit-Smoking There is an all new product sweeping world markets that is turning heads and baffling just about everyone who see’s it. It’s called the electronic cigarette, and it’s an alternative smoking device that delivers nicotine just like a real cigarette but without the dangers of having to inhale smoke. Instead, it creates a vapor that is not harmful to your health. It seems just like the real thing but it doesn’t smell and never has to be lit. It’s pretty amazing and some smokers who have tried it have made the switch on the spot. Invented by a man named Hon Lik, a 52 year old distinguished pharmacist and inventor from beijing, China. The e-cigarette is an all new technology that has changed the smoking industry forever. Hons inspiration came from his father, a long time smoker, who died of lung cancer from smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. After his death, Hon, who was also a smoker, knew that he had to quit before he suffered the same fate. After several years working as a highly reputable and knowledgeable researcher of oriental medicine, Hon took on the task of creating the safer alternative to smoking. When he was complete, his alternative was a safe cigarette that did not contain any tobacco, didn’t burn, create smoke, or smell. The electronic cigarette. Now seen in bars, restaurants, and shopping malls across the world, people everywhere have been taking advantage of this wonderful new way to smoke. It seems to be proving all those pesky "No Smoking" signs wrong and The beauty of it is, it creates no smoke or smell, it does not bug anyone and does not create hazardous 2nd hand smoke. This means that smoking bans do not apply, and you can smoke it anywhere you want. There are many reasons to make the switch. Traditional cigarettes are known to contain 4000+ carcinogens and kill 400,000 people a year on average. Electronic cigarettes contain none of these and have 0 reported deaths. We have all seen the picture of the black lung and have heard that really bad smokers cough. Smoking cigarettes does not lead to a good end result. Electronic cigarettes can also help save the environment considering all the pollution we can stop by not smoking cigarettes. An Italian study found that 3 cigarettes burning continuously for 30 minutes polluted the environment more than a diesel engine running consistently for the same period of time. There is millions of smokers in the world, and they are all smoking on average a pack a day. If everyone switched to electronic cigarettes it would be a huge cut in world pollution, equivalent to turning off millions of engines for extended periods of time. This could seriously help the world in a very positive way, considering the global warming issues our existence is currently facing. If you are interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette then you want to make sure that you get the newest technology. Originally starting as 3 piece units that you have to manually fill up with nicotine liquid, more technology’s have become available such as 2 piece units with disposable atomizer’s called "cartomizers". They come in the form of cartridges that hold the liquid nicotine and the atomizer. Each cartridge is equivalent to a full pack of cigarettes. This technology is great because you never have to worry about your atomizer going bad, and it prevents germ build up. Some unit’s you might purchase for over $200.00 that has only one atomizer, and if it breaks, you lose it, or it gets really funky then you will have to reinvest all that money into another electronic cigarette kit. A firm based out of NY Electronic Cigarettes INC offer’s a great unit, the kr-808d, It is an excellent producer of vapor and is raved about in the e-cigarette forums. This specific kit comes with 2 electronic cigarette units, 6 disposable atomizer cartridges (Equal to a pack of cigarettes each), A usb charger, a wall charger and owners manual. We’ve seen this kit retailing for over $200.00 on some sites, but is offered for sale at $79.95 w/ Free shipping at Electronic Cigarettes INC. View more information regarding the electronic cigarette 相关的主题文章: