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[home] rhyme of ancient flavor seafood ancient flavor seafood restaurant located in Xiamen Xianyue road Xiamen Antique City, from the gate on the port road turn left tens of meters, see the name to know, the main ancient flavor of seafood to Fujian dishes, can eat out of Minnan culture and young when the memory, hurry to taste them. Antique store, just as the early Taiwanese Dacuo, make people feel very warm. It is very large and spacious, there are boxes in the lobby, restaurant style decoration, clean, bright and warm, good dining environment. This is a tea egg pork stomach, have the characteristics of Taiwanese food, cooked egg, and then sliced into pork stomach, pork stomach and steamed egg together with tea cooked pork stomach flexible steamed egg tender, fragrant egg plus tea fragrance, delicious soup, clean and light, eating soup nourishing the body, has always been the Taiwanese people’s food supplements. Dry fried fish roll and Dried tofu, fish roll is the southern area of the special delicacy of Chongwu, in order to facilitate the preservation and carrying, the fish processing volume, time slice cooked to eat, delicious taste, Dried tofu fried golden attractive taste, taste delicious, elastic teeth, with good food and wine. Sand shrimp, sand shrimp is a fresh meat full, delicious sweet shrimp, boiled bamboo or it can highlight the sand shrimp good itself authentic delicious. Eel eel dry stewed pig, dry salty into pig, pig fat but not greasy, taste Q bomb, plus fish meat, taste good, glial rich beauty. Home cooked powder?, which is a staple of Taiwanese traditional vermicelli, broad, smooth and elastic teeth, rich ingredients, rich soup is delicious, has been loved by the people. Fried oyster cakes, fried oysters, fried oyster is also called, is the southern traditional delicacy, as snacks can also as snacks can also be food, old people in Xiamen are from snacks to big, the plump oyster wrapped in flour paste fried, crispy outside and tender inside the oyster, can always eat delicacy. Fish, different varieties of fish can be cooked together, fried soy sauce and water, this dish is the fried fish, tight delicious, delicious Xianxiang, old people of Xiamen to a dish of fish, with several bottles of beer, fine taste side drink, you can have a a pleasant evening. Bamboo duck soup, duck soup in love to drink soup, fresh and not greasy, nourishing and does not get angry, but also with bamboo fragrance, natural health and health, drink a bowl of warm and comfortable. Wheat sweet potato, eggplant, taro, sweet potato cut into strip, with sweet cereal cooking, with a sweet fragrance, delicious and healthy. Boiled wild herbs, fresh and refreshing, degrease. Cheese salad roll, this is a person, small squid, fried crisp outside and tender, and fresh vegetables and sweet and sour salad sauce. Eat this ancient early taste the delicacy in the antique antique city antique ancient flavor seafood restaurant, eating can also look at the antique, a great delicacy and cultural experience.相关的主题文章: