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The drow world debut Internet Conference, issued a global intelligent trading strategy – Sohu Technology Third World Internet Conference released the Wuzhen summit hall, sounded "extraordinary" voice of Hubei. 17 afternoon, zall group held a drow global intelligent trading ecosystem press conference at the conference site, set to send the country launched on-line version of Android, and opened 18 city sub station. From the perspective of traditional business, zall group through the integration of the capital, a strong self built platform transition to the Internet, is less than two years to build a qianyiji B2B platform, the core circle into China internet. Four pm, the exhibition hall of the main exhibition hall of science and technology achievements. Zall group chairman of the board of directors of CEO, Yan Zhi Peng worship with the passion of the keynote speech, Thatcher released the global smart trading platform strategy, infrastructure, business logic, vision and path of the Internet Ecosystem zall xiangjie. President Yan Zhi introduced, the drow have built a solid line of infrastructure. Hankou north, Tianjin electric mall and other large commercial logistics center area of more than 8 million square meters, becoming China’s largest entity market trading service system. Online, online wholesale trading platform zall cloud covering more than and 20 city, merchants settled over 100 thousand, the transaction amounted to 40 billion yuan. Recently, a total of 1000 online wholesale market, 10 major categories of vertical market, the service of the 1 million businesses and enterprises. The full layout and build zall intelligent commercial trading ecosystem, forming an open and efficient trading platform, including the drow purchase, Lanting Pavilion set a comprehensive platform for foreign trade potential in the rural network, Zhuo Zhuo Hui, Department of agriculture, copper Zhuo ETS vertical platform, the drow trading platform matrix has formed more than 200 billion transactions. Zhuo, Lanting Pavilion is set to send Zhuo Jinfu, Scarlett Zhitong pomegranate, service platform development change rapidly, is the formation of increasingly sophisticated logistics, finance, supply chain management service chain. For the future development strategy, Yan Zhi said, the drow major trading platform and service chain will achieve interoperability, collaborative development, the formation of trillions of intelligent industrial Internet trading platform in two to three years. Thatcher will continue to extend the expansion of the existing trading platform functions, function blocks in the commodity spot trading, characteristics of the local market, at the same time into more mature mode of trading platform, and gradually cover all the major commodities and services. The future will drow system construction the world’s largest commodity trading platform, to become smart trading platform providers and service providers in the world’s largest. Conference, Thatcher Cloud City CEO Hu Yi, CEO Lou Xiao Tzolkin bank, Zhuo set to send CEO Yu Wei has shared the drow Cloud City trading platform, supply chain finance, intelligent logistics business development and future planning, systematic and vivid interpretation of the concept of advanced intelligent kernel drow trading ecosystem composition. Subsequently, under the leadership of the participants and the audience witnessed, Zhuo set to send the national version of the official on-line. Along with the 18 National City sub station opened, Android is set to send will be in the next 1 million cars gathering capacity, form the millions of daily orders, become the largest China freight information platform. Zall group chairman of the board on the table just.相关的主题文章: