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The dew, dew is beneficial to health – health is one of the twenty-four solar term Sohu to eat more potatoes, is the first solar term in September. "On the seventy-two Hou Ji Jie" said: "August festival…… Yin gradually heavy, Lu Ning and white." In this season, the water vapor in the air at night often in or near earth objects such as trees and flowers on the condensation of white water, so called dew. According to the law of yin and Yang five lines, autumn in the five line is a gold, its color white, so white is mainly refers to the fall. After entering the dew would mean the end of summer, autumn is coming. The dew, temperature gradually increased, as a result of climate change, in the daily diet should also be adjusted accordingly. Attention should be paid to add clothing to prevent cold. In the diet should be in accordance with the "Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016)" proposal: food diversity, grain based. The daily food should have cereals and potato, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry fish and soybean milk. We often eat potato sweet potato (also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, sweet potato, potato etc.) (also known as potatoes, taro and sweet potato (potato) taro, yam) etc.. Potato is rich in starch, dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. In order to health, should eat potatoes every day. High content in sweet potato dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation. Sweet potato containing low fat, high carbohydrate, only 0.2%, up to 25%. The content of sweet potato in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and niacin than Cereals, carotene content of red sweet potato than white sweet potato high heart. Potatoes (potatoes) belong to the masses of lovers, not only to do the staple food, but also when vegetables are widely popular. Potatoes contain more starch, up to 17%, vitamin C content and potassium and other mineral content is also very rich. China has launched a strategy to promote potato staple food, potato processing, Steamed Buns noodles, Rice noodles and other staple food, potato will become another staple food of rice, wheat, corn and. Potato dry up to around 80% starch content in the product, only about 5% of the protein content, fat content of about 0.5%, with weight control, prevent constipation. Due to the low protein content of potato, the children should not eat too much long, or not conducive to the growth and development of children. After the millennium, to recommend appropriate increase potato intake, eat it 5 times a week, each time to eat two 1~2. Eat a lot of potatoes, the most simple, healthy eating is steamed, boiled or baked, can retain more nutrients. Can also be fried, fried, fried method of cooking. Choose to choose fresh potato, fried with as little as possible. Fried processing methods, not only will lead to a large loss of vitamins, but also increase the fat, doubling the energy. Therefore, does not recommend the selected processing potato, such as potato chips and French fries. (this article is from the network)相关的主题文章: