The development of new energy must be considered

in recent years, the development of China’s wind power, solar and other new energy has made remarkable achievements in being more and more concerned at the same time, abandoning the wind "and" discard "the existence of such phenomena but also to the development of new energy industry cast a shadow.

national energy board data show that in 2016, the country abandoned the wind is more serious areas of Gansu, Xinjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, abandoned wind rate were 43%, 38%, 30%, respectively. The same can not be spared photovoltaic, in 2016, the average rate of abandoned light in the western region reached 20%.

on the side of large-scale construction, while the production of electricity from but not consumptive, resulting in somewhat questioned the voice of new energy. But to see, in the context of the energy revolution, continue to vigorously promote the development of clean new energy, energy shift, is a topic". The new energy consumptive problem is encountered in the development process of temporary difficulties, we can not be unworthy".

"13th Five-Year" period is an important period of the electric power industry to accelerate the transformation of development opportunities. For the protection of our country into a comprehensive electricity demand of well-off society, "is expected" 13th Five-Year "power development plan", in 2020 the total electricity consumption will reach 6 trillion and 800 billion to 7 trillion and 200 billion kwh, the average annual growth rate of 3.6% to 4.8%, the national power generation capacity will reach 2 billion kilowatts, the average annual growth of 5.5%.

at the same time, China has committed to the international community, 2020, 2030, the proportion of non fossil energy consumption should reach about 15% and about 20%. According to this requirement, to 2020 non fossil energy power generation installed capacity reached 770 million kilowatts, compared to 2015 increased by 250 million kilowatts, accounting for about 39%. 2016, China’s non fossil energy power generation installed capacity of only 36.1%, there is no small gap. Therefore, to achieve this goal, accelerate the new energy installed imperative.

of course, the development of new energy sources can not blindly pursue scale installed, only when we solve the utilization problem was conducive to the sustained and healthy development of the industry.

first, to optimize the layout of the new energy development and strengthening the construction of peaking capacity. To optimize the layout of wind power in accordance with the principle of centralized and decentralized development development simultaneously, NDF, overall development and market demand, the orderly development of wind power photovoltaic. PV, to encourage more development of distributed PV, promoting household photovoltaic power station roof; wind power to accelerate the capture of technical bottlenecks, promote cost reduction, away from the load center of the "Three North" area to the Middle East Sea mountain". In addition to adjust the layout, also need to enhance the flexibility of the system, improving the peak load capacity of power system, efforts to strengthen the construction of pumped storage power station, single cycle gas power peaking power peaking.

, secondly, to strengthen the new energy consumptive acceptance and efforts in the power grid construction. At present, from the development of new energy and power grid planning, lag cross provincial channel construction, which are caused by the "original abandoned abandoned light wind";