The detective personified the gourmet! Conan’s official app will send Conan to Apple benefits-ajviewer

The detective personified the gourmet! The official Conan APP will send Conan to eat the apple welfare on-line in February of this year "detective Conan official APP" provides an optimal sharing and information platform for the majority of the fans of Conan, the day before the official APP will be announced during the period from October 24th to November 11th launched the "food limited Detectives of beauty" featurette. The special Chinese dishes, sushi, etc. Hand-Pulled Noodle "delicacy cuisine" as selected 8 key words in the puzzle series, during the APP limit free watch. In addition, during the event, the purchase included the story version of Volume 2 above can get Conan apples wallpaper. The eating apple Conan in the wallpaper is very different and very lovely. "Conan is going to be a gourmet," he said, "it’s really playing." "Conan, who eats apples, is so lovely that I want to eat apples, too." "The feeling of an apple can make Conan look away." "Is Conan going to be a gourmet after little new dad is a gourmet?" Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

名偵探化身美食傢!柯南官方APP將送柯南吃蘋果福利今年2月上線的“名偵探柯南官方APP”為廣大柯南愛好者提供了一個最佳的分享和資訊平台,日前官方APP宣佈將從10月24日至11月11日期間限定推出“偵探們的食物美壆”特輯。 該特輯中將從中華料理、壽司、拉面等“美食料理”作為解謎關鍵的係列故事中選出8話,在APP內期間限定免費觀看。另外,在活動期間,購買收錄了這些故事的單行本2卷以上還能獲得柯南吃蘋果的壁紙。壁紙中的吃蘋果柯南可謂神態各異,非常可愛。日宅們評論道:“柯南要從偵探變成美食傢了,真是會玩。”“吃蘋果的柯南都好可愛,我也想吃蘋果了。”“感覺一個蘋果就能把柯南拐走的樣子。”“繼小新爸爸變美食傢之後,柯南也要變美食傢了嗎?” 點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: