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The data of ecological governance to kenyinggutou (view) – International – data show that in 2015 the national telecommunications fraud nearly 500 thousand, 69.71% of the victims deceived by telephone. Telecommunications fraud is not only a threat to the privacy of citizens, property and personal safety, but also seriously undermine China’s economic order and social trust. How to cure telecommunications fraud and intricate links all types of network crimes, the government governance ability, is a major challenge. To cure the telecommunications fraud must grasp its characteristics. First, the telecommunications fraud technology driven features. With the rapid development of information technology, telecommunications fraud means and mode are also constantly upgrading, from the original wide net knucklehead type of fraud, to the use of changing software and pseudo base and other high technology assisted fraud, telecommunications fraud has now entered the third stage, which is a precise type of fraud data driven. Fraudsters well versed in "big data may not understand your own" truth than you, the use of personal data "exclusive" fraud scene will be even more intelligent emerge in an endless stream, people can not guarantee you won’t fall into the "tailored" telecommunications fraud trap. Secondly, telecommunications fraud showing the characteristics of industrial collaboration. As a typical form of online fraud, telecommunications fraud involving data acquisition, change the number of transactions, the transfer of money laundering, hiding the identity of hacking and other key links, and data theft and trading of the black chain is closely related to, to some extent, the lack of supervision of the operators, Internet, financial and other enterprises in the development of indirect support of this industry chain. In addition, the telecommunications fraud presents the characteristics of cross-border implementation. In order to avoid legal sanctions, more and more criminals will be moved to the fraud dens to Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands and other places, hiding overseas crazy crime, and with the help of modern technology and fast changing methods of crime means of online banking transfers. By the end of 2015, China’s public security departments to carry out the national fight against telecommunications network of new criminal law special action on the detection of more than 4 thousand cases of cross-border cross-border telecommunications fraud. Telecommunications fraud for science and technology, industrialization and cross-border trend, the Chinese government is also increasing the crackdown, frequency and breadth. The era of big data, the data is all social and economic activities of the "soil", a national ecological data by data open degree, level of data protection, data flow efficiency of the organic composition of a variety of elements, the nature of the data and ecological health will determine the national social economic activities, the national ecological data will continue to produce all kinds of bad the illegal and criminal activities. Therefore, must from the overall height of the national data of ecological management planning comprehensive measures, in order to fundamentally eradicate telecommunications fraud and other criminal activities, can promote the key from the following aspects: one is to use the personal information protection legislation the basic role. The state data of ecological governance requires good law and good governance. Compared with Europe and the United States, China’s personal information protection legislation and law enforcement level is still relatively low. In the long term, countries need to be as a basic law of personal information protection law and the law to give attention and promote network security; the short term, need for the existing scattered personal information protection)相关的主题文章: