The creation of contemporary painting and calligraphy painting collective appearance Xiling racquet

The creation of contemporary painting and calligraphy painting collective appearance Xiling racquet jade pottery taste on October 9th -11, Xiling auction online auction platform will usher in the first online auction, four contemporary art concert debut: "in contemporary art? In paintings and calligraphy works by young pioneer, the first Ming – China contemporary youth painting special, back view of nature of contemporary artists? Special ceramics, eye-catching gem? Chinese contemporary jade carving master works without special price. Category covers, pottery, jade carving and painting, oil painting. The bidding period is 24 hours, the next day the auction. Collectors can log in Xiling auction online auction platform – art is the only network (), or download the "art is" mobile phone client auction. "In the arts? A total of 33 pieces were launched in the works of contemporary youth paintings and calligraphy, in October 10th by 21:30 Kaichui, Xiling auction special manuscripts of contemporary youth faction artist Zheng Yu, and Shi Ligang Wang Suliu for the first dozen, Xiling racquet portrait of customization. Calligraphy on real grass zhuanli for all kinds of calligraphy with painting, landscapes, flowers and birds characters as a form, but also covers the nave, Doufang, banners, on the screen, the antithetical couplet, album, roll etc.. The special exhibition of contemporary painting and calligraphy creation direction for collectors, hoping to bring new ideas for the art collection of domestic collectors, find new impetus for the development of the art market Chinese. No. 15008th Wang Yijun Zhao Mengtiao cursive theory book harbinger of the first Ming? China contemporary youth painting special assembled more than thirty pieces of contemporary paintings, in October 10th 21:30 Kaichui, some artists have known, there are also some just out of the ivory tower spirit of youth, he who sees the world as a whole image, with the understanding of life in the image, the social experience, such as Wang Longjun, Chen Chengwei, Tang Weimin, Han Xiabin, Zhong Mingfeng, Zhou Yi, Chen Wenjian and other artists, fully embodies the vitality and spirit of the auction of the artist as a young man. The special part with no reserve auction, great art investment value-added space, can buy strong. No. 16003rd week Yi rooftop back to view nature? The famous ceramic artists of contemporary October 11th special 19:00 Kaichui, a total of 25 items. The launch of the artists, such as Dai Yuxiang, Zhou Wu, Xu Qun and other plays an important role in the field of ceramics, there are also very active at present, such as Hu Min, Wu Hao, Lin Yihui and other young artists, their works from the pottery decorative techniques and modelling have made the best interpretation. Xiling the first contemporary ceramics special ceramics has been brewing for a long time, as a carrier of cohesion between man and nature by modern people pursued by more and more people like the collection, outstanding contemporary potters heritage of traditional ceramic culture, into the artist’s personal language and philosophy, each piece with the distinctive declaration. The special gathering of many contemporary outstanding works, the auction has a high appreciation of space, whether it is the collection or as gifts are an excellent choice. See gem? Chinese contemporary jade carving master works no reserve special Kaichui October 11th 21:00, a total of 96 pieces were drawn to Xinjiang, jade Hetian jade seed material, also, the Russian Bi Qinghai topaz.相关的主题文章: