The coldest time has come! 39 days you should fill.

"1929 shot, 3949 walk on ice", has 39 third days, there is "cold in 39", this time is the coldest time of year, look for the tonic, health experts suggest


: the best cold cold ginger

cold, is the common feature of many elderly people. Because people aging, metabolism slowed down, it is easy to form a deficiency of Qi and blood. When it comes to the tonic, some people immediately think of ginseng, pilose antler, Cordyceps these rare medicinal herbs, this is a wrong idea, the most common foods, but also the best medicine, but it is often cheaper food, the effect is better.

weapon: drink ginger tea, ginger water soaking

as the saying goes: "the winter with ginger, not afraid of the wind." Winter to eat ginger, is appropriate. Because ginger spicy, can produce heat in the body, get rid of the winter cold, so cold patients can often drink ginger to cold, cold and other common diseases prevention. Eat ginger should pay attention to, one is to eat ginger to peel in winter, two is not to eat ginger in the evening. Ginger "hot peel", in order to fend off the cold winter to eat ginger, so want to get rid of the skin.

: red dates tea ginger ginger wash, slice; wash red dates to go nuclear; ginger, red dates into the cup, into the boiling water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes, let cool to drink.

ginger foot: in winter, a frail old man easy cold hands and feet, should be more in the feet. In the add ginger wash water better, relieve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.


Rice porridge chestnut kidney

winter main closed Tibet, it is the season of kidney. The kidney is very important in the internal organs, is essential for health, human aging, is fundamentally the kidney weakness. Therefore, the winter is a good time to kidney, anti-aging, fitness. However, the kidney can not eat tonic, a lot of fruits and vegetables have the effect of kidney.

weapon: eat chestnut

although many meat tonic effect, but from a health perspective, more conducive to health than carnivorous vegetarian. Winter kidney, you can eat some of the effectiveness of the vegetarian diet, such as chestnuts. Warm sweet chestnut, stomach spleen, kidney qi and other effects, but not greasy meat. In health care diet is often used to kidney.

: 10 chestnut chestnut porridge, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. Peeled chestnuts with rice and cooked to a thick, add sugar, seasoning. In addition to chestnut, walnut is also a good kidney food. Walnut;