The coldest days, nap must be long little heart

winter nap can alleviate fatigue, replenish qi. Taking a nap, when the heart is in season, can protect the heart function, blood recuperation. "Shujiu" after the winter solstice, the weather became cold, winter day to nap longer "heart".

from day nap to local

is like the north and South have different diet differences, the same day nap. For the northern people, proper lunch "Dongcang" for health benefits, at the same time, warm is the priority among priorities. This is because the human body in the nap temperature decreased, the resistance is weak, the probability of northern cold invasion has greatly increased.

before going to bed, give the stomach a little rest time

saying "it becomes cold cold, cold weather," let the spleen and stomach and stomach diseases easily lead to burnout. After the winter to eat lunch, try 10~20 minutes slower in the walk in the sun to ease after his walk, satiety, promote digestion, stomach to provide a little rest.

sleep, if high

desk nap pad

desk nap potential is great, especially the coldest days, blood cold shrink easy to brittle, so the body can not sleep at stretch, causing blood circulation is not smooth, increase blood pressure. Lying on the arm to sleep, but also make the body more nerve compression, often caused by anxiety in the nap, sleep difficulties.

after sleep, do not forget to stimulate the neck waist big hole

should wake up slowly, suddenly wake up will lead to fluctuations in blood pressure, causing dizziness and other symptoms. At the same time, wake up can be simple point massage. That is, in the face of dry massage can promote blood circulation.