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Writing Frederick Forsyths day starts at seven in the morning, and its breakfast time after letting Stella and Shen out. The breakfast for him means crushing a grapefruit and putting the kettle on. His groundsman Dan arrives with the Mail and the Telegraph at about 7.30 AM. Frederick Forsyth is a man of strong political views (a conservative at heart), he is almost furious with the way UK has been run after the political decline of Margret Thatcher. He didnt like the regimes of John Major or Tony Blair. He goes for a shower after going through the newspapers of the day. Fredericks Everyday Routine Now is the time for the dogs to .e in and get their treat. His farm is a huge 170 acres which is managed by his farm manager David. Frederick Forsyth doesnt like cutting hay, but he loves driving tractor. He also helps with lambing whenever going gets tough for others. His letters arrive by 11 AM, and he types his replies (and books) with two fingers and thumb (for space bar). He typed exactly the same way when he started his career as a cub reporter. He doesnt own a mobile phone though there are times when he feels the need to have one. His Writing Room The writing room has been formed by converting the dairy room where the curtains are kept closed all the time. According to Frederick Forsyth, preparation before actually writing the novel is hard work as he needs to be clear about the character and the plot of the novel before writing one word of the novel. Mostly, he takes the help of a contact who sets up meetings with concerned person wherever he has to conduct the meetings. The concerned persons might be jail governors, police chief, head of Special Forces and more. Parents Were Avid Readers He was the only child of his parents and both mum and dad were avid readers, a habit which was passed on to him as if as a family tradition. He was fond of adventure stories, as they helped him get out of the small town atmosphere where he lived and understand the world outside better. As a writer, he is pretty quick, he churns out 10 pages every day for 45 days, and hes done with it. His wife understands he needs to be busy for that time, and bears his (mental) absence. He Just Wants To Be .fortable Frederick Forsyth doesnt feel the lust for money, he just wants enough so he can be .fortable in his life. He is also passionate about big-game fishing and scuba diving but he can indulge in it only due to his success as a writer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: