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The children really eat arsenic? The truth about arsenic in rice flour…… Sohu health concern WeChat big white mother subscription number "(ID:dbmmdyh), prerelease see more exciting articles, more benefits to enjoy non-stop. The online inquiry function, also can let you first find high-end private hospital doctors, hospitals, consulting any parenting problems. Some time before, the media had reported the news in the baby Rice noodles contain arsenic, and the United States "consumer reports" the guide was according to the test results released every day how much to eat rice products, let many parents heavy-hearted. So what is the real situation of arsenic containing rice? Other grains, such as wheat, millet, corn, beans and other arsenic content is also high? High arsenic content of rice, you can eat it…… This article is too long, first to lift Preview: 1, arsenic concentration in rice is 10 times that of corn and wheat, cucumber and tomato is 30 times, 100 times of soybean; 2, countries have formulated the "safety limit", on the basis of this food, there is no adverse reaction; 3, to see the nutritional ingredients rice powder, baby eat what 4, Chongdiao in crystal clear; Rice noodles, 5 points must pay attention; 5, self complementary and complementary products, how to choose which one? Heard that most people will think of arsenic, arsenic, pesticides. In fact, arsenic is widely found in nature and people’s diet, and the whole environment we live in, including soil and water circulation, is not related to arsenic pollution. The rice is more likely to be contaminated by arsenic, which is determined by the properties of the crop itself – the enrichment of arsenic in rice. The average concentration of arsenic in rice is 10 times that of corn and wheat, which is about twice as much as that of cucumber and tomato, and is about 100 times as much as that of soybeans. Rice contains so much arsenic, rice can eat it? The answer is: Yes, of course. Because rice is the staple food Chinese, arsenic uptake could not be completely avoided in daily life, so WHO has developed a "safety standards": infant food is mainly composed of Rice noodles made from rice, which contains arsenic is not surprising. But to say that Rice noodles containing arsenic toxic and can not give the children to eat, then some alarmist. With the development of the baby body, body weight will slowly increase, daily intake of arsenic "maximum security" will increase, 10 kg baby daily intake of 20 micrograms, 20 kg baby daily intake of 40 micrograms, and so on, the risk coefficient does not exist. So baby Rice noodles containing arsenic is harmful to the health of babies or break the argument, can ease the use of complementary Rice noodles. (here mainly refers to the big baby Rice noodles Rice noodles, Rice cereal; but Rice noodles said in the daily life should also include a variety of cereals such as oatmeal, Rice noodles, mixed grain powder etc.) Tips:, 1 children under the age of 5, is not recommended to drink Mi Tang: rice soup, most arsenic into the water, resulting in this part of the water (Mi Tang) in the "arsenic concentration" to improve (and indeed most of the nutrients in rice is still in). 2,…相关的主题文章: