The Champions League draw announced Real Madrid Barcelona suffered Manchester – Dortmund; spor-aquaria

The Champions League draw announced: Real Madrid   Barcelona suffered Dortmund; Manchester – Sports – August 26 Beijing Xinhua (Hao Shuai) Beijing time on August 26th at 0 a.m. (18 local time), the draw for the 2016-17 season in the Champions League group phase was held in the Grimaldi Conference Center in Monaco. The defending champion Real Madrid and Dortmund, Lisbon athletics and Legia Warsaw in the F group; Barcelona, Manchester City, Monchengladbach and the Celtics in the C group, which worthy of the name of the group of death; Bayern Munich Zaiyu Atletico Madrid and Eindhoven and Ross Tov in the D group; Paris Saint Germain, A Senna, Basel and Lou many roots serve in the A group H group; the Juventus will encounter, Seville, Lyon and Zagreb dynamo; Premier League champions Leicester city in a relatively easy group, and Oporto, Bruges and Copenhagen in group G. The ballot results are as follows: A group: Paris Saint Germain, A Senna, Drogo Meret, Lu Basel B group: Benfica, Naples, Dinamo Kiev, Beixikedasi group C: Barcelona, Manchester City, Monchengladbach, Celtic group D: Bayern, Madrid, Eindhoven, Rostov group E: CSKA Moscow, Leverkusen, Tottenham, Monaco group F: Dortmund, Real Madrid, Lisbon athletics, Legia Warsaw group G: Leicester, Oporto, Bruges, Copenhagen, Seville, H group: Juventus Leon, Dinamo Zagreb according to the schedule, the first round of the group phase in September 13 to 14 days, the second round in September 27 to 28 on the third. In October 18 to 19, the fourth round of 1 November to 2 August, the fifth round in November 22 to 23 days of exhibition Open, the sixth round in December to 7 on the 6. (commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: