The central bank’s new regulations to prevent telecommunications network fraud ATM machine transfer mmhouse

The central bank’s new regulations on anti fraud telecommunications network: ATM machine transfer within 24 hours can be withdrawn – Financial – face of the telecommunications network fraud the public figure, the bank as one of the indispensable important link, the future is no longer out of nowhere. The day before, the central bank issued the "Circular on strengthening the" payment and settlement matters related to telecommunication network management to prevent new illegal crime, the provisions since December 1, 2016, the same person to open a class I "Almighty" accounts at the same bank only, not 6 months after opening an account, the account will automatically freeze, to comprehensively strengthen the account the real name system management, reduce the "zombie accounts". No trading account for six months will be frozen in April 1st this year, according to the account of the applicant’s identity information verification mode and the level of risk, the central bank will personal bank settlement accounts are divided into class I, class II and class III family households. The class I households is essentially free of functional limitations of the "Almighty" account by the bank counter open, on-site verification of identity; class II households is limited financial savings, financial consumer payments "restricted" accounts, the highest single day limit consumption and payment of 10000 yuan; class III is devoted to the user fast payment, free secret payments and other uses of the "small" account, the account balance is not more than 1000 yuan. It should be noted that the latter two categories are open through electronic channels, shall not be cash access. The new regulations of the central bank, since December 1st this year, the same person in the same bank can only open a class I households, has opened class I households, and then open a new account, should open class II or class III households. In this regard, the central bank official said, on the one hand in order to curb the criminals directly buy Personal open bank accounts and payment accounts, or the acquisition of identity card after false or fictitious agency account; on the other hand, in order to regulate the "bank management resource waste caused by a number of discount", a personal account protection mechanism to avoid financial losses caused by bank card information leaked. At present, individual payment and payment of medical insurance, social insurance, pensions, provident fund and other utilities, often open multiple bank accounts, leading to a large number of idle without the account for this sale account, false accounts and fictional agency account the hidden trouble, also caused the waste of resources of bank management. Data show that as of the end of 2016 6, China’s personal bank settlement accounts 7 billion 786 million, per capita of 5.69 households. It is worth noting that the open without zombie accounts, the provisions of the central bank, if the account in the account within 6 months from the date of no transaction records, the bank shall suspend its non counter business, Payment institutions should suspend all of its business, its business to be resumed again after verification of identity. Transfer of large banks will remind from the "Xu Yuyu incident" to "Beijing Chaoyang old Telecom fraud million" transfer is the key of telecommunications fraud finally succeed, the central bank’s new regulations provisions especially for ATM detailed machine, such as online banking self-service channels to transfer, as the intermediate channel bank for potential victims to save more time and may. The central bank requires banks and Payment institutions to provide transfer services, should be referred to depositors相关的主题文章: