The ashtray cigarette smokers must immediately go out and easy to clean (video)

Ashwell is a portable ashtray liquid, liquid has the necessary patent, can quickly put out the cigarette and cigarette tar separation, while preventing contamination of the bottle.

(Lotus) smoking is not harmful, we all know. In addition to a variety of health hazards, air pollution, cigarette smoke of harm to the marine and wild animal, and even cause fire.


smokers must immediately put out the cigarette ashtray and easy to clean      


hate is not always able to pinch a cigarette out, how much you in the open-air cafe or smoking at the airport, see those not ashed cigarette has been burn burn, until completely extinguished? This is obviously an injury to the environment and others.

so, someone invented a new type of ashtray Ashwell, aiming to make the cigarette smoker who suddenly extinguished.

doesn’t seem so strange, is it? In fact, Ashwell has a patented solution, which is necessary to get a good experience.

pour the concentrated solution into a Ashwell plastic bottle, add a certain amount of water, and then use it in a metal case. Do not underestimate this solution, it can not only quickly put out the cigarette, but also the remaining cigarette tobacco and paper separation, will sink to the bottom of harmful substances.

when the Ashwell is almost full (a bottle of solution may be extinguished 30-35 cigarettes, the bottle has a mark), the garbage into the trash bag sealed away. As for the bottle in the water can be completely, without a tar residue, easy to clean.

In addition, Ashwell also has an optional bottom LED paste, you can see here there are two button batteries, power supply can be achieved, so that the body of the Ashwell display red, green, blue and other colors, more beautiful.

In addition to the use of

at home, Ashwell bottle like beverage bottle, it can be placed in the car cup holder, bottle with lid will not let the outflow of liquid accidents.

Ashwell to raise the price of $39 (about 270 yuan), including the body and the solution of the package, LED lights, shipping time is tentatively scheduled for next month.