The 2017 national research test site to confirm the 17 deadline will be 11 plustek

The 2017 national research test site to confirm the 11 will be 17 by the end of 2017 national graduate entrance examination registration confirmation will soon begin. Provincial Education Examination remind candidates, to ensure the smooth on-site confirmation work, where the province register scene confirmation candidates, I need to provide on-site confirmation of relevant materials as required; according to the requirements provided, according to the requirements of the Ministry of education will not be confirmed. The scene to confirm the start time and on-site confirmation of the location, please refer to the candidates to apply for the registration of the notice, the deadline is November 11, 2016 17:00. Where the online registration of the Sichuan province to choose the point and have completed the online payment procedures for all candidates (except for students to push free), should be within the specified time for on-site confirmation. Where in the online registration stage repeated selection in Sichuan province register registration and payment of the candidates, in accordance with the requirements of "complete retention test" confirmed in the official website of the provincial education examination on, directly to the "retention test" register scene confirmation; if not required to confirm the Internet test, please log on the official website of the provincial education examination query system test and random reservation list to the corresponding register on-site confirmation. Site confirmation process, please candidates to see the site to confirm the registration point. From December 15, 2016 to December 26th, the scene confirmed by candidates on the net newspaper "username" and "password" login research network to download and print "ticket". The examinee print ticket, must use the A4 copy paper, "ticket" on both sides during use shall not be altered or other records. Because some candidates with two or more test, the specific test sites of candidates to the ticket published information shall prevail. Need to pay attention to candidates, according to the provisions of the Ministry of education, Sichuan provincial education examination of relevant documents, "the admissions unit" and "register" and "examination" as the register key information, whether or not to pay the registration fee, to submit the information generated registration number are not allowed to modify. Candidates are not required, the wrong choice of entry points, admissions units, examination methods, or not according to the specified time to apply for confirmation of the network information, registration is invalid, has paid the registration fee is not refundable. In the network time, whoever is not required to register, the net newspaper information, mistakenly fill wrong fill or fill in false information caused by examination or admission, all the consequences borne by the candidate himself. No payment of candidates who are not on-site confirmation, pays the candidates did not participate in the examination or registration confirmation, the registration fee is not refundable; not to carry on the scene confirmation information network reported the candidates within the specified time, the registration information is invalid. The register staff found forged documents, will notify the public security organ and cooperate with public security organs withheld relevant documents. In addition, the Provincial Education Examination Yuan also reminded candidates to avoid peak recognition. Since the first day of the annual on-site confirmation and second days of personnel is very concentrated, there will be a long time more than three hours of waiting, in order to avoid overcrowding, confirm the site to save time, please pay attention to the candidates query register confirmation time arrangement, as far as possible according to the register requirements, reasonable arrangements for the site to confirm the time. At the same time, candidates also need to carefully read the Ministry of education "in 2017 the National Graduate Admissions management regulations", the Sichuan Provincial Education Examination Yuan and related.相关的主题文章: