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"Terrorist" notes: notes to   exposure pilot posters; on people.com.cn Entertainment Channel – Horror – Movie "terrorist people.com.cn notes" pilot posters first construction of multi line narrative notes in the forms of narrative Theatrical Movie "horror notes" file, the film side first exposure pilot report, notice the sea. Many folk supernatural horror struck, unfinished notes, not terror. "Terror notes" directed by Min Jintao, MIC team member Zhao Yongxin, Tan Jianci, super girl Fengjiashan sister, starring Pan Chunchun, Leshan Boyuan Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing tytrue culture media Co., Ltd and Sichuan botu CO produced film co.. The film tells the story of a newspaper reporter, amateur network writers trace the suspense story happened ten years ago in the "mystery town" a few well-known ghost truth, according to an anonymous phone call to all the rumors first place to start, but over the past ten years, because this place has become a haunted uninhabited ghost house. As the truth slowly opened, he seemed to be in danger…… Multi line narrative notes break routine writing ghost "notes" horror horror movie narrative mode break the normal procedure, using the notes multi line narrative style, in a notebook as a carrier, the notes section presenting, "mirror", "hotel bathroom", "bus", "visual access" five images of numerous and complicated the clue of organic series, gravity to create a "notes to this extreme terrorist terror must not" experience, and strive to strengthen the effect of entanglement between a character set. The poster, a red notebook suddenly hit a punch through the notebook, retro thick and very mysterious, together with supernatural rumors continued in the author’s pen. In the processing of interlocking plot, director Min Jintao in the storyline, on the relationship between the characters of sufficient "buckle", abandoned by the natural order clip. With the skilled editing skills, will be a good starting point of terror, and fine repeat the relationship between the characters, so that the story of the context is extremely orderly, the story is reversed and full of surprises. A series of murder reversal play brain burn extremely thin Si fear evil all disputes with each other, and the integration of betrayal, resentment, seven, resurrection and many other horror suspense elements, each character have died mysteriously, inversion layers extremely burn brain, the truth is whirling. To create a strong atmosphere of horror movies, starting from the most common daily life environment, through the very thin Si fear the fear ghost continued to enlarge, achieve sustained fear after viewing "". In the trailer, gray and black shades of the bottom of the bag, put the blood red color scene of debauchery, are frequent in the collision point, this "ghost town mystery town", of vital importance only in reading, or just because of the temporary deviation of antecedents and consequences. The movie horror elements is very rich, including the strange mystery Town, dark staircase, midnight bus, shrill voice, scene layout, character modeling, sound horror and other aspects are very exquisite details in place. The intention of the lens is straight, betrayal, loneliness, resentment, demand change, the relationship is strange, as if clues cumbersome and tasted, creating a strong atmosphere of terror in the outside, there is no lack of fashion and the factor down to earth. Notes to endless terror. "Notes" horror相关的主题文章: