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Quitting cigarette smoking is difficult irrespective of whether you have just started the habit or have been cigarette smoking for many years. Nevertheless it’s feasible for you to stop smoking if you find the method that is best for you. Simple suggestions on how you can quit cigarette cigarette smoking consist of: 1. Talk to your physician and take medical guidance on how best to cease cigarette smoking without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. 2. Prepare your self mentally by setting a target date. Vow not to light another cigarette until after that date. 3. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water not only to maintain your self hydration but also quell the desire for a cigarette. 4. Practice deep breathing exercises everyday for three to five minutes. Inhale slowly with your eyes closed and hold your breath for five seconds and then exhale. Start again after five seconds. Repeat. 5. Cease cigarette smoking gradually; reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. 6. Coordinate with another friend or family member and stop cigarette smoking together. 7. Try alternative things like artificial cigarette or drinking straws to hold in your hand in place of a cigarette. Smokers develop the habit of holding a cigarette in their hand and unconsciously reach for one. 8. Keep a picture of someone extremely important to you or that of your family in front of you always. Look at the picture and stop your urge for any cigarette whenever you crave for one. 9. Go early to bed. Late night cravings for cigarettes are much more intense and difficult to overcome. Sleep relaxes your body and mind and you feel fresher and are less likely to get out of bed for any cigarette. 10. Try NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. This method on how to stop cigarette smoking works very effectively because it targets and removes the psychological cravings for cigarettes. 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